Shut off after a long pause

  • I had my plus fully charged but not in use for at least 6 weeks in my office at moderate room temperature. Today I wanted to go for a ride and switched it on. The battery said 100%, but the OW+ even didn’t engage when I stepped on it the very first time. I had to switch it of and on again for two more times, then it worked again.
    But past the first 20 meters in the office it shut down while standing on it and just balancing. This happened twice and it said, it had only 8 Km of range at 100% battery. Should read 11 km. Um.
    I hooked it to the charger and after a few mins the light on the charger turned green. No sound came from the app.
    After this it felt normal riding it inside the office for a few rounds, but I didn’t trust it to go outside.
    Anyone had this before? Solutions?

  • Probably all is well. Don't get hung up on the "range" statistic. That's just a calculation based on your recent history and is notoriously inaccurate. When it shut off on you, was there an error message? Were you at 1 mph or less? Could be you footpad sensor released on one side so it thought you were trying to get off. Or a motor stall detect, which also can happen at very low speed. Check your footpad sensors and tire pressure. If okay, ride it and see what happens.

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