Stuck at 99% battery charge../charging questions

  • Hi

    Recently got my OneWheel+XR. On charging it gets to 99% battery fairly quickly but cannot seem to get to 100%.. It seems to charge without going to 100%.. a friend who also has had an XR for longer says it's best to keep it charging/ plugged in all the time/24-7 whennot riding and may take 48 hours to get from 99% to 100% in order to balance the battery cells.. If this true? If so why does it take so long?

    I come from the RC airplane/drone world and have trained myself never to leave batteries charging indefinitely and unattended as it could risk a fire or at least reduce battery life.. Do the XR batteries/technology operate differently?

    Can anyone comment on this please as currently I feel only comfortable to unplug it from the charger as soon as it gets to 99% and not to leave permanently plugged in and charging?

    On another note on this first run from 99% battery I got 10 miles logged and was left with 36% battery (about 10% of those miles was on grass, the rest on pavement and 95+% on the flat- the remainder and least amount of time on an incline).. I'm about 190 pounds.. Does that sound like reasonable figures as to how much I should be getting out of my XR or does that sound low to you?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @theSelf Your range sounds perfect, if not above average for this type of weather. I also come from the drones and rc racing scene, and it does occasionally bother me leaving it plugged in, so I just make sure to take it off before I go to sleep. For reference mine goes from 99 to 100% in about 12ish minutes.

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