Runaway OneWheel - Critical Problem

  • When going up a steep-ish hill, I have on a couple of occasions nosedived and ended up bailing. No big issue there, I understand why and generally land on my feet. What IS a HUGE problem is that if the OW ends up on it's wheel, and angled downhill, it will start to take off. The crash disengages the wheel and it will quickly speed up faster than you can catch it.

    The first time this happened to me, I was fortunately in a park and it flew (going really fast) into the bushes with no consequence. The second time I remembered to run quickly after it and caught it after several yards.

    If this happens on an occupied street, there is a strong likelihood that it will careen out of control until it hits a car or worse a pedestrian. The behavior after a crash should be engine breaking, not free spinning. Should be a relatively simple firmware fix. But someone will trash a car or a pedestrian eventually if this isn't done.

  • Interesting, so, normally when the OW is on and you try to move the wheel its very hard to roll and it would never roll down a hill without you on it, but you are saying after a nosedive (with the OW still on) this motor brake is disengaged? Or has the OW shut off?

    The only thing I can think off is that they designed it like this because after a high speed Nosedive , if the wheel locked up you would then always eat it, but with the wheel moving freely you can maybe stay on it for a while longer to decelerate (especially with Fangs) , or even stay on until coming to a stop

  • @bobmatnyc If the Onewheel is balancing through this process, it is not disengaged, your sensor pad has failed to tell the board to shut off. When this happens the board will slowly accelerate as it attempts to balance. If this is the case and I am not misunderstanding, get your camera ready and do some jump offs at over .5 mph (this is the single pad cutoff speed) in a safe location. Eventually, if the sensor pad is defective you should be able to catch the run off on film. Film it running away so FM can't argue and send it in to be fixed.

  • I actually had this happen to me also. While accelerating up a hill with a low battery the board nose dived and died and then started rolling backwards down the hill. @bobmatnyc

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