War Wounds

  • I put about 600 miles on my original and 800 miles on my +, before my first big wreck.

    I’d had some top speed spills, but always with gear on. I’m 51, so I don’t mind to geek out with pads.

    The ONE day I decide to just hop on it to go get a root beer and a corn dog less than a quarter of a mile from my house, I TOTALLY went down literally face first. Right before I hit, I was thinking, “Man, this is gonna hurt.” I have a keen sense of the obvious.

    So, less than a month later I sold them both, ...because I wrecked and I never want to ride again? Nope. I just moved to a new town and needed to buy an iPad and some other tools to start my new job.

    I think I’m gonna wait to order my next one until they have a new one out.

    I can’t wait!!

  • My pics won’t upload. I’ll try later.

  • @lancewooldridge After my first big wreck at 600 miles and 21 mph, luckily fully padded, I decided that even for quick runs, I'd always wear at least my helmet and wrist guards. Lesson learned, I guess! BTW, I'm 60 and can't imagine not riding a OW.

  • @OneDan I hope to be riding at 60 too! Yeah, lesson learned the hard way!

  • strangely enough, tequila and wearing pads aren't the same thing, even though the tequila somehow convinces me from time to time they are.

  • @raz BHAHAHAHA

  • At 47 I am glad to hear you 50 and 60 yr old guys are getting back on horse after a bad spill. I've had one nose dive at about 15 mph going up the driveway and was lucky to roll out. I used to skate board on vert back in the 80's and had some pretty bad slams back then mis-landing 5 or so foot airs, due to not hitting the transition properly. Dust yourself off, heal if you have to, then get back on is what I always say.

  • @Rough-Cutt Definitely! I need to upload some pics but it says the file is too large from my iPhone. I did the same in the early eighties! Dallas, TX!

  • I was going way too fast and learned the hard way that speed isn't what it's all about. I'm 52 years old btw0_1547770567656_IMG_5278.JPG

  • That's a good one. Elbow pads.

  • @lancewooldridge Houston Tx....Remember the blue mammoth at Houston skate park?...That was home.

  • My VERY FIRST DAY of owning my onewheel (XR) I did at nosedive at 20mph. Didn’t know what pushback was. I hit shoulder first and shattered it. Broke my humorous into 3 pieces and fractured my rotator in 5 places. Surgery included a plate and 10 screws and I’m still doing PT. Started riding again about a month ago. I won’t be going that fast again, and I have a custom setting on my board that keeps the nose a few degrees higher. I love riding it, but that was a BRUTAL way to start.

  • @preacherman Sorry to seem a little rude, but did you do any research before you got the board? I see so many people talking about how they crashed because they didn't know what pushback was, but when I was looking for a board I watched like 30 hours of videos about it, and all they could ever talk about was pushback.

  • @TheGurgeMan I watched a lot of videos, but I guess no how-to videos. If I had spent 5 minutes on the forums, I would have seen a ton about it. Just didn’t even know to look. I’m not upset about it or anything, but it seems like the kind of thing they should warn about and explain all over the board or app before you start. It seems to be far and away the #1 injury issue on the boards. You shouldn’t have to search to find it. Honestly, they’re lucky they haven’t had a lawsuit about it since it’s a known issue. If we didn’t all enjoy riding so much, it’d be a problem for them. Lol

  • @preacherman Theres like 3 pages in the manual about it

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