Vertical performance.

  • One main reason I purchased was to ride around the miles of back roads we like to ride bikes and run on. However my biggest concern was couple steep hills I wasn't sure if I was going to end up walking up because they are more than 20% incline.

    Not only have I not met a paved hill too steep to get up, this weekend I was literally able to push my very pregnant wife up these hills who was riding a bike with our four year old on the back. This really helped with the guilt I was feeling watching the struggle while I effortlessly zipped right up :)

  • The uphill performance is pretty good, I've towed my 11 year old on his longboard uphill. I was Dad of the year in his eyes!
    If you think the looks you get riding around on 'Onewheel' (see what I did there) are amusing, imagine those looks while pulling someone uphill.

  • Yeah most people don't realize the thing has a motor when they first see it. I'm guessing anyone who would have seen me pushing my wife up the hill would have assumed I was having her pull me up.

  • There's a particular hill on a bike path popular near where i live. About half of the cyclists will get off and push their bikes. Non-issue for the OneWheel, just cruise up past people pushing bikes!

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