Error code 15

  • I thought this was worth mentioning. I got my one wheel a few days ago and I couldn't wait ride. The battery came fully charged. So I connected the app, set it to beginner mode, Stepped on board.........and nothing, just error code 15. I tried charging it any way, but nothing. It's winter here, and I haven't heard of any problems with riding in cold weather. Other people have even posted YouTube videos of riding in the cold. It had been on the delivery truck for almost a week. As it sat in the house for a while, it started working, so, I took it outside, and it stopped working again. That night I stored it in my unheated garauge. The next day I took it out in the cold to try again, but I got error code 15 again. At this point I began to make a connection to the cold tempature. So, I brought it inside over night. The next day it worked. I haven't had any more trouble with it, but I now store it inside the house, not in the garage.

    Maybe FM could put something in the app that says "Board too cold", error code 15, "bring Board inside to warm-up before riding." It would have saved me a lot of dispair.