Onewheel riding is like surfing in South Africa

  • Hi,

    just wanted to know, if you guys feel the same like me while onewheeling?
    I think, you can compare it to Surfing in sharky Areas where definetly Sharks are Swimming around and the Risk of being bitten is Always in your mind. Same with me while onewheeling - Always thinking of nosediving every Moment. The Risk is also omnipresent (especially if you read all the Reports of accidents).
    What are your thoughts, do you enjoye less the board because you permanently think of nosedives?

  • Not at all! I love this thing. I think the cinstant reminder that it may nosedive at any time keeps me more aware of my speed and how hard I’m pushing it.

  • I love it too,like Surfing, but fear is Always riding with me, especially when going faster, which is annoying cause it is fun too.

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