XR Battery distance + calibration?

  • Hey there! Proud owner of the OneWheel XR!
    Love this machine, I use this in the mornings to give my dog a brisk 1.2 miles run, charge it up and head ~4miles to work! I've got only around ~70 miles on this badboy so far, I do know batteries somewhat as I built a LifePO4 goped scooter years back and know not to have shallow depth of discharges and that batteries need a break-in period to stretch their full potential. So here's where I'm quite curious....

    The range is estimated around 12-16 miles (on the flat, perfect temperature, average rider weight right??)

    Me: 215. Slightly fluffy
    Temperature while riding: 55-60F
    Distance: 4.1 miles
    Charge before departure: 100% + balanced (green light on charger)
    Charge after 4.1 mile arrival at work: 64%

    So my question is two part:

    1. Shouldn't I be getting a bit better range than what I'm getting? I mean granted here in San Francisco there are hills but the route I take avoids major hills (...IE Valencia is on the downslope which grade really isn't bad, if anything it charges it :)
    2. Second question kind of connects to the first. Does draining the battery down to zero calibrate the battery meter in the app? I know for my cell phone this is the way to reset your battery gauge to know it's reading accurately.

    My apologies if this has been asked in the past but using the search I couldn't find a question similar to mine, so interested to see what kind of feedback to this there may be if any, thanks!
    edit:submitted photos, hopefully will help with the analysis if needed :)
    IMG_7122.JPG Photo Jan 28, 12 11 53 PM.png

  • @TheOmegaMan 4 times 3 is 12 so it's still in the estimated range. As someone who often times doesn't go anywhere and just sits around doing 180s and 360s, my battery can sometimes only handle 4-5 miles. Based on that, I'd say constant stop and go increases battery consumption dramatically. Kind of like a car, we have city and highway mileage. Is it possible you stop a lot? On top of that, a wide foot stance will suck down a bit more juice, as will "slightly fluffy" >.> If you're offroad for any part of that, it will also take out a chunk but based on your distance I'd guess, no? All in all, you may be getting about the right distance.

    I don't think going down to zero will affect the battery meter. I believe it's just a simple function for distance and battery drained. My rides range from straight ride to just tricks and it always seems to respond accordingly without a drain. Unfortunately, the Onewheel will suck down juice faster than an EUC or eskate, due to its design. How do you get your dog to not yank you off the board? o.O I've thought about doing that but I think I'd get pulled off.

  • Ahh excellent point, hadn't really thought about the stop and goes (well, normally California stops early in the morning so more of a slow roll). Hmmm I'm not following you're maths logic for some reason, I get 4x3=12 but where does the 4 and the 3 come from?

    Working in the skilled trades I wear Carhartt pants with a hammer loop. Attach a british slip-lead + carabiner and you've got a slick dogrun quickly before work :) I'll post the links...

    Pants with hammer loop (barely see it but its on the left side of leg)
    Carabiner (Made in USA)
    Mendota slip lead (Made in USA)

    Works well for us, I can hold the 6' slip lead and pull if need be, and if I have to let go in an emergency she's still tethered to me and won't go running off.

  • Ahh I think I understand, 100 / 3 = 33.33333333333333
    so I've used up 36% of the battery already, so there's another 2/3 to go, gotcha!

  • The app power meter does need a calibration from new. I wasn't charging my XR to 100%, so not waiting for the charger LED to go green. The app was reading 100% when the voltage was only 59V. I did my first balance charge (left it on for ages) and the voltage gets up to the rated 63V. Now its calibrated itself. You can see the battery voltage on the board settings page.

    Once that is done you can start to think about trusting the app power meter and range estimate.

  • @TheOmegaMan Yeah, sorry that's what I was referring to. Nice setup though it still scares me. Maybe it's not the concept that is sketchy but it's this particular dog lol

  • @TheOmegaMan

    Best way to really test range is flat pavement and constant speed... it's super boring but would give you a better feel without the hills. Depending on how I ride the estimate for range will vary greatly in the app. No harm in running the board to zero for range testing and to give the battery a nice full charge.

    As an FYI: the XR does not use the same batteries at the OW+ (LifePo4), it uses Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC).

  • @Fresh Sir, you have a fox, not a dog =D

    Does help that my GSD is about 1.8yo so she's still impressionable, though not without fault. When she gets nervous she'll pull like a sled dog, once bottomed out the back of the OW trying to counter her hehe. But all in all, early morning when there are practically zero cars on the road it's thrilling and refreshing to have the streets to yourself and let your dog (or fox) stretch their muscles out =)

  • @skyman88 That's a good idea! Around here it damn near impossible to find a flat path that long but might hunt around the east bay for a bike path to try and stretch the XRs legs. Oh yeah aware of NMC vs LifePo4 thanks, just there are similarities regarding maintaining healthy cells, balancing and so on.

    All and all I feel better reading the replies on here as I'm certain the stop sign slowdowns and slight his and such impact the 'real world' mileage vs the 'perfect world' conditions of 12-16 miles. Guess I got a little excited before buying it without thinking in regards to real world mileage =D

    Now if only OW would integrate a swappable battery housing instead of having to lug around a huge brick to charge the thing that'd be next level, but I get the complexity in having part of the structural integrity being removable and adding a point of weakness to dirt / water /vibration might be an issue...oh well, can dream till then!

    Thanks for the replies all

  • @TheOmegaMan
    For reference... in the summer on 80% paved, 20% other riding, my XR get's about 22 miles per charge.

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