Battery side red lights died

  • I’ve seen a video on YouTube about this happening on the sensor side due to the ferrite ring. Is it common for only one set of lights (red or white) to go out on the battery side? Has anyone been able to fix this?

  • Ditto happened to me after 250 miles. No response yet from service. I believe it is in the control box. I hopeni csn get them to send me the control box so i do t have to send them the board

  • @awormasi Not the battery side unless you ride the board backwards.

    The lights change color with direction. The front (forward direction) of the board is supposed to be the sensor side, that's where the controller is and the side that stands up when you're not on the board. That front end had the ferrite rattle and wire cutting. There are a bunch of YouTube videos (and Facebook) on how to repair this yourself but it voids the control module warranty.

    If you have killed the rear LED... be careful. I know a few folks have cooked their BMS trying to repair those themselves.

  • My sensor side lights only work in reverse direction, meaning while riding forward the white lights do not work but when riding switch/backwards the red light will work. The back or battery side work in both directions. Any advice?@skyman88

  • @HanahsDax

    Still under warranty? Have to send it have to FM and get them fixed for free.

    Otherwise my guess is your wires have been damaged. With the power off, can you shake your board and here a rattle in the front? Or you’ll here it when going off curbs and over obstacles when riding.

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