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  • can somone help me out. What is the best mode to ride in to precent nosedives

  • @judahtanell Prevent

  • This post is deleted!

  • I prefer Delirium. What I’ve come to realize is if you gradually increase your speed you can go faster without pushback. I’ll hit 15 mph and start feeling push back so I slow down to 14 for a few seconds to let the machine know I’m in control. Then I ramp back up to 16 and slow down to 15. I repeat this method until I reach 19 mph. I’ve also noticed if you make wide turns/carving it doesn’t push back as if you were riding in a straight line try to gain speed. Hope that helps you out.

  • I just started playing with Delerium while I train indoors (too cold outside to ride here in NYC so far). And here are my observations:

    I started in mission toying around in my apt where I have sharp turns. I just recently switched to delerium and noticed immediately my turns were easier to make.

    This made me realize that the rig will be far more agile and responsive to input. This will be great at slow speeds. High speeds is a possible concern...will need to find out. But now I’m on delerium and I’m teaching my 5yr old to ride it. He loves it.

  • @causticgrip It is the other way around, Mission is more agile, nice for carving, Delirium is more "rigid" and responsive, good for trails and dirt.

  • @JacoNZ rigid vs responsive are opposites.
    Rigidity denotes lack of response and adapatability.

  • @causticgrip Delirium is more rigid or stable when maneuvering and more responsive in power application :-)

  • @JacoNZ then are you not saying what I said before that delerium is more agile and responsive, thus proving my point?

    Because I’m an admitted noob...but as one I’m quite sensitive to improvements of maneuverability and agility and noticed a marked increase when I switched our of Mission and into delerium...

    So, what am I missing?

  • @causticgrip Think of Delirium as sport mode. It responds more immediately to your inputs and is tighter from a turning POV. Mission is looser, responds to your inputs a little later and is less torquey (sp). I like the feel and power of Delirium, but the looseness to Mission on turns, so Custom for me. The best mode (IMO) is the one that allows you to not think about the onewheel as you ride.

  • You can definitely here the motor ramp up a little more when you switch from from mission to delirium when you're inside where it's quiet, which more likely means a faster drain on your battery. I switch to delirium when I go off road.

  • @Rough-Cutt I totally can hear the motor more in Delirium. I only use Cruz and Sequioa to drain my battery level down to single digits every now and then before an overnight charge.

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