XR - thrown from board after pushback

  • @skyman88 Agreed, for high-speed nosedives I'm skeptical that nosewheels can do much to help, but I also doubt they would make things any worse either (they still elongate and ease the board's transition from "moving" to "standing stock still") so if they do help in the other two common nosedive scenarios, they're still a net gain.

    Nah, I don't have Facebook (never have, not a fan), though I do occasionally lurk in the two public OW groups (Riders and For Adults) just to see what's new out there for OWs. I also lurk on the Reddit OW group, and at some point I'll probably get a Reddit account going and do some commenting on there.

    If it turns out the V3 Float Plates provide enough "slide" to do away with nosewheels, that'd be pretty cool. Aesthetically, they look a little nicer (though Fangs don't look awful, IMO) and they don't block your headlights (which Fangs slightly do).

    Don't get yourself hurt, but if you find out they do the trick, report back!

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