16 blinks

  • So I got my OW+ back a few days ago from FM because the motor was bad and needed to be replaced. A couple of days ago I took it for a short test drive and it worked fine. But yesterday when I powered it up I got a 16 blink error. Powered off and back on and got the same error. I tried it 3 or 4 more times and got the same error so I gave up. So I emailed FM about my issue from work and they want me to send diagnostics. I came home and opened the app and powered up and no error. Rode around the house and no error. I'm glad my OW is working but I'm concerned that I got that kind of error on a OW+ that is only 4 months old and has only 85 miles on it. And I just paid over $300 to replace the motor. Did I get a lemon?

  • @snosurfer Why did you have to pay to replace the motor? Wasn’t it under warranty?

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