Onewheel company monitoring our rides?

  • Just curious if anyone is able to watch network traffic when riding and when the app is running if onewheel board is transmitting all ride information to onewheel? Do they know every ride we take and all its statistics?

  • doubtful- logistically the several thousand lines of code required to include features like that are probably pretty low priority compared to more pressing features. internally they test and ride the boards just as much as we do and I imagine have a pretty good grip on things like ride length, avg top speeds etc.

  • If they do I don't think it would be live while riding. Instead maybe there is a log of completed stats that get transmitted back periodically. I would imagine there would be some good real world data on battery and board performance over time especially if they are tracking every ride down to the specific board, hardware, firmware, etc.

  • also it's ethically (and legally) kind of dubious to include a phone-home feature like that which isn't stated in their terms of service in the app.

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