Protective Gear - Suggestions (shoulders)

  • Hey community - first time posting on here. I picked up a Onewheel+ back in the summer just before the XR released. Played around a bit but still treated it kind of like a BBQ party novelty trick.

    Was playing around on it in August at about 20 km/h, hit a hole a dog had been using to try and find the other side of the world and smashed my shoulder fairly bad. Ended up being a gimp for a solid few months.

    Fast forward to last night in Hawaii, have had the board with me the whole time and am finally getting into a bit of a groove. Able to carve, no more wobbles, feeling good.

    Heading home from a pub, after a pretty nasty rain, at midnight, all is well, did not see a stash of leaves on the sidewalk, rode over them while turning and the board went one way, I went the other, have once again smashed my leading shoulder.

    I’m feeling like shoulder injuries are going to be the big issue as I progress and get more and more comfortable. Road rash and bumps and bruises don’t matter, but not being able to wipe my ass etc sucks.

    Any ideas on casual short sleeve and long sleeve shirts with light padding that won’t make me look like a linebacker?

    72” tall, 195 lbs, relatively fit guy.

  • @Rik84 - I made myself a simple, custom shoulder armor piece for my leading shoulder after I injured mine. Unfortunately, where I live is so hot that shirts or jackets with integrated shoulder protection are almost a non-starter for most of the year for me. I'd either pass out from the heat, or I wouldn't wear them, in which case they're no good.

    Take a look at this thread, there is a parts list and pictures.

  • Maybe try some motorcycle gear. Some of us are using different kinds of motorcycle jackets and pants. I use a Speed and Strength Rust and Redemption flannel shirt. I use it by itself or under a jacket on cold winter days. I took the spine protection out, but I like the shoulder and elbow protection which is built-in. And I like being able to put on a shirt and be ready to go.

    I also use their Soul Shaker pants sometimes. There are lots of vendors out there to look at, so do some research to find the gear you like the best. Motorcyclists wear gear all year around, so some of it is really breathable and can be worn past 80°F.

    Much past that, and you will either go without and risk it or try something like @Glyph 's suggestion. On a personal note, I wasn't wearing my flannel on a warm day and did break my collarbone when I ran out of battery and went flying. It was a partial break so it healed fast, but I have a giant bump around the break now.

  • @biell damn lol. It’s kind of funny - these toys are so expensive it seems like it’s mostly 30 - 40 yr old professionals with some cash and experience in other sports at a younger age riding them. Which means none of us bounce or heal very well anymore, kind of backwards.

    If this was around when I was 16-18 I would have been crushing it.

    Will check out some bike gear - used to downhill a lot and have ridden street bikes to Harley’s all my life. I live in Vancouver BC so heat isn’t a big issue, but I also don’t want to look like a squid while riding.

    I found a leading shoulder pad for snowboarding that straps across your body and is pretty low profile, going to pick one of those up and check it out.

    Seems like we are all going to be crippled by 50 - need to find a cool wheelchair to start developing...

  • @Rik84 if you have a link to that snowboarding shoulder pad throw it my way, curious if there are better options than what I made.

    I searched for one just now and found one that looks pretty much like what I made myself, only it costs twice as much and is so damn garish I would ONLY wear it under my clothes (I wear mine over my T-shirt all the time, it has a pleasingly Mad Max quality to it, I find.)

  • @Glyph

    It’s super garish lol. I would be wearing under my clothing for sure. No way I would be caught dead with that thing exposed to the world. I have enough terrible tattoos that i hide every day, I don’t need something worse visible to the world.

  • @Rik84 - heh, that's exactly the one I saw. Just FYI, the one I made uses D30 just like that, and IMO the base and right leg of the "triangle" across that guy's chest are unnecesary - just more heat on you, and more to fiddle with when you put it on/take it off. The armor is in the "sleeve", and all you need to keep that sleeve on your shoulder are the single strap that goes around your torso and under your opposite arm (that is, the top leg of the "triangle" there) and the "sleeve" itself.

    The D30 was $25 for a pair (so you could make 2) and the shoulder brace was $20 (and you could probably find a similar brace for much cheaper) and some industrial velcro is cheap.

    Anyway, good luck and heal up soon. Shoulder injuries suck when you get older because they tend to freeze up on you, so you are still dealing with it long past the bones healing.

  • My cousin nose dived and crack a rib and hurt his shoulder. It took him 6 weeks before he got back on it. But before that he purchased some motocross protection. He wears this vest over under his clothes. I haven't bailed hard yet and I like think I can attribute this to my skateboard, snowboard and surfing experience...however I know that its not "if" you ever slam, its "when".
    Here's what my cousin purchased. This gear has spine, chest and should protection. You'd look like a NATO storm trooper, but then again some of us are too old to even care what we look like, as long as we're having fun and can still take care of business when it comes to family and work.

  • Well, I’m a broken man lol.

    Broken clavical. Best part is the x Ray tech asked me I’ve been to the dr for a Brocken clavical before, I have not. But apparently I have multiple old fractures. Oops.

    Radial head fracture in my elbow. The bone in your forearm on the thumb side where it connects with the elbow.

    And a gnarly infection from the road rash. I’m now on IV antibiotics, day 2. Tomorrow is the last day of IV.

    Wife determined i sell onewheel. I refuse to. Will be riding this weekend if it’s nice... just a nice light cruise on the sea wall to try and catch a glimpse of some ladies in yoga pants...

    Definitely buying some protective gear though. Time to recover is way too long st this age!

  • @Rik84 - Ouch! All The Gear All The Time, my man. I may look like a goob but I don't care. Helmet, the shoulder piece I made, elbow pads, wristguards, knee pads, padded undershorts. Heal fast and take it slow when you get back on. Use the downtime to research stance and speed and terrain tips. Maybe get some Fangs.

  • @Glyph

    This bail had nothing to do with a nosedive, fangs would have been useless.

    Soaking wet outside and pitch black, as I made a soft heel side turn the headlight didn’t pick up a patch of leaves and other junk in my path. Hit the patch of leaves mid turn and they were slick like black ice. Board went one way and I went the other unfortunately.

    Am definitely taking my down time and researching better protective gear again, as well as some other riding tips. From what i can gsther I just ended up with a case of the dummies / shouldn’t have ridden the board when it was soaking wet out, on the stock tire. And if I was going to do that, I should have been going way slower and have a headlamp on my head.

    This is solely placed in the “not thinking” category.

  • @Rik84 My only other (thus far) bad wreck was a non-nosedive, "dumb mistake" also. Just speeding down a road I did not know in the dark, and there was what amounted to an impromptu "speed bump" - not a real one, and not colored differently from the pavement, but some mounded concrete that a mixer truck must have spilled. Did not see it until way too late and I went flying. Luckily all I got was a bruised hip and road-rash thumb.

    If you need more visibility for night riding, I have two of these zip-tied to the underside of my rails:

    And one of these on my helmet - this particular model looks to be out of stock, but on the same page I see some of equal brightness and even brighter:

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