OW turn off but app says batterie is not over

  • Hello,
    Today I went for a ride with my OW+XR and after almost 17 km, my board stopped with the message "Need some juice" although the application says battery is at 12%.
    So I had to carry my OW back home.
    I won't say anything about the fact that 17km is a lot less than the expected battery range, but I'm really pissed off by the fact the OW stopped long before battery is over.
    Does anyone already experienced this problem ?


  • Yes I have had mine give me same message at 15%. It all depends on how aggressive you ride, the amount of elevation gain during your ride and how well your battery cells are balanced. I ride strictly in Delirium and occasionally run battery down until I get that message. I then power off the board and turn it back on, switch to Sequioa and ride real slow back to where I need to go or all the way down to single digits before I give the board an overnight charge. @MaximusDebilus

  • Yes,It happens all the time with my 2 XR,I down trust my XR under 20%, it even happen a few time over 20%. I drain it good and charge it over night and now I at least I get the 20% warning and hurry back.

  • @MaximusDebilus

    New rider here, 39 miles and loving it.

    The first (and only) time I tried to run out my battery, it quit at 12%. It'd be nice to have at least a little more accuracy. If this is as accurate as it gets, I'd like the ability to set my turnaround warning to 60% or so, to be sure I'll have enough power to get home.

  • I believe you can set the turnaround warning at 50%(distance warning) and then low battery warnings can be set at 20% first alert and 10% second alert. These are found in the app settings. @sdonewheel

  • @MaximusDebilus @HanahsDax

    When you get home with your dead board, turn it back on and ride it until it turns off. Repeat a couple times and your battery percentage should drop to 1%. Recharge your board to full and it should better sync your battery and app.

    Behind that error message is a "usage" and "regen" percentage. If your board is fully charged, the first time you turn it off ride and you can compare the usage to the battery meter to see how they compare. 100 - (Usage-Regen) = Battery meter.

    So if you board says it has 70% battery, you can compare that with other two. In a perfect world it might be something like 35% used but 5% regen (100 - (35-5) = 70%).

  • Ok, thanks everyone for your answers. As I have this bluetooth connection problem, I was afraid it was another specific troubleshooting. But I understand that it's a "normal" problem of precision...

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