Don't ride in the rain.

  • After breaking both arms in my first crash, I determined that it was unfair to blame my XR for what was a lack of focus on my part. So, after 6 weeks of healing, and protective gear on my newly healed wrists, I began to ride again with a new level of respect. Sequoia setting, I set off on flat and wide paths only. No issues until...I got caught in the rain. It was a light drizzle so I figured I would take it slow for the last mile to my home. Inexplicably, the board picked up speed well past the limit of the Sequoia setting. I could not slow it down and within seconds the board was telling me to slow down or else. It just wasn't happening. Then the nosedive and launch onto the pavement going about 20. Massive contusions on my hip and loss of a lot of skin, as well as a mild concussion resulting from protecting my arms. The OW will teach you lessons on what it can and can't do, but they are expensive lessons. I hate to do it, but I'm going to have to sell it to someone who can afford the "cost" of riding.

  • Hmm, I've had something like that happen before but mostly because I wasn't used to "forcing" my back foot down to slow down (it was a bit counter-intuitive feeling at first on a self-balancing board for me). I'd say practice lots of stopping & going, as well as a good amount of going back and forth in the same spot. You'll get there, even in rain (I've had plenty of runs in wet, but not soaking, conditions).

    Anyway, if you'd still want to sell, I'd be interested. Just a question of location & what you'd be looking for?

  • @rolandingramjr

    Sorry to hear about your broken arms. How many miles do you have under your belt in total now?

    I'm not sure I've ever heard of instant water damage to the electronics of the board causing speed issues. The front foot sensor is the most common issue I know about causing run-aways or strange acceleration. Hopefully you were wearing some protection on this recent fall.

    If you enjoy the OW, and your family from your 12/9/2018 post has still not made you sell it, I'd recommend taking it way slower and practicing all the basics before venturing out... and obviously wearing some decent protection. Some folks have posted links to motorcycle shirts/jackets that have padding built in also. An Uber ride home is easier than having to send your board back to FM for warranty repairs.

  • @skyman88 and never ride Sequoia.
    Instead ride the delirium but take it easy, delirium is way more stable to learn on.

  • @skyman88 I’m confused as to how you had a run away. Could you not just push down on your back foot? If not there is something wrong with the board, aside from the “run away” issue.

  • @baker not me, it was @rolandingramjr .

    I've never had anything like that happen personally.

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