• Recently got my one wheel xr. Very fun stuff.
    The range on the boards home page on the app though, either I’m translating it wrong or it thinks I’ll only get 8 or so kms out of it at 100%.. does that sound normal?
    Any help much appreciated.

  • @Mickrobins ride it. A new board is only guessing how far you’ll get. Try to go for a nice long solid ride without a lot of hard acceleration or stoping and going. As you go further that guess will increase. It’s best to just monitor the battery and head back when you’ve reached about 50%. I’d pay more attention to the battery percentage than what my OW thinks my range is gonna be.

  • @Mickrobins

    What temperature are you riding in? How's your tire pressure? What's your weight?

    Those are the three biggest factor to pure range. As @tomfoolery mentioned, best way to understand real range is to go out and test it.

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