is ow going public? any stocks?

  • its a solid run and fast growing company with a bright future.

  • Very doubtful at this point. They have a long way to go before that would be a possibility and it might not be their ultimate goal anyway. It is more likely that they get bought unless ow hits mainstream like hoverboard. But unlike those hoverboard toys, ow is much more of an extreme product with its weight and speed. While I think the learning curve is easy enough in classic, the current group of eligible riders don't know the thing exists and when they do they either cannot afford it or think they are skilled enough much like snowboarding was before it slowly came into the mainstream. Given how quickly things can go viral now, who know though. Of course if that happens then the clones will be out full force and then what happens with regulation and enforcement? I had my first beach rides about a week ago and it is amazing and all the spectators thought so too. Multiply beach riders and it would ruin the beach experience for everyone. Do these devices get banned in the future from these amazing experiences or are they already banned but enforcement starts. These are early days. I say enjoy the freedom of riding without congestion now while we are in the extreme minority.

  • @Franky My brother-in-law has one of those hoverboard things, and they're a lot heavier than they look. So out of curiosity I weighed it. It's 24.5 pounds, which is just 1 pound lighter than the OneWheel. But he came with me to the park and we "raced" for about 2 seconds before I left him in the dust.

  • @Franky imagine hundreds of people on onewheels on or near the roadways at any given time doing stupid stuff like this

  • Not a chance is FM ready for public nor should it. I got my board mid November with serial number 3002. So let's say they sold ~ 5000 units to date. . We're talking with accessories $8M to $10M revenue (life to date, nor annual either). .. while that's no small change we have no idea with R&D how much is profit / cash flow. Venture capital / Shark Tank... maybe; but it's quite a while aways from IPO. I think they need to grow by at least 5 - 10 times before that happens.

    Nor should we want them to. I work for a company that went IPO and all of a sudden decision making became very short term...everything became about how to get good news out for quarter ends to keep the analysts happy. I'd imagine to do that the OW would be fully manufactured in China or Vietnam or someplace to increase profit margins.

    Let's hope FM continues to grow as a healthy company at a pace that keeps us and Kyle / angel investors happy.

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