WTF is up with people riding on the beach/in the salt water?!?!?

  • Ok, so I preface this with the fact that I grew up in a coastal house, and am well acquainted with the destructiveness of salt water to metals and especially electronics, but I found this article the other day and was blown away:

    I then looked more, and it seems like a lot of people are riding their OWs on the beach on the hard packed sand down by the water. This is probably ok-ish (I wouldn't do it with mine) as long as you rinse off your board with fresh water after, but some people seem to be riding in the water's edge.

    Regardless of the OW being "water resistant", this is 100% going to kill your board sooner rather than later. The salt water will migrate in and corrode and/or fry stuff. I would be shocked if any board makes it more than a month or two with this type of riding.

    Just kind of a disbelief PSA/rant on my part lol. Hate to see people killing their boards.

  • @c-han8484
    Da beach is my favorite place to ride.
    If it kills my board too bad for me. Been doing it for over a year now with my XR and couple with the + and V1

    No need to be hating on it. My stupid choice I guess. Yes it could kill the board .
    Oh well , I'll just buy another to fulfill my pursuit of hapiness.

  • LOL, not hating. If you're aware of the risks of damage, and are OK with replacing your ride, I'm all for it. It looks REALLY fun. My post is really just to make people aware that it will likely damage your OW over time, or possibly immediately (depending on how well your particular OW is sealed). That said, I am super impressed that yours have lasted a year or multiple years. Kudos to FM.

  • I love riding on the beach! I ride it 90% of time there. Started in October 2017.

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