The only thing we need from FM is part replacement program! Not new colourful fenders! Think of environment, FM!

  • I own OW+, today picked up a new XR and another XR is in parts because of faulty BMS.
    I love OW, I hate FM's policy of no part replacement and no service center in Europe.

    Can anyone explain me what's business advantage of not having part replacement program?

    I'm not even talking about selling the parts - just replace them for fee when you receive the original one. What's there to lose? FM most likely have huge backlog of boards for servicing and they will always have.
    A lot of users already change tires, do mods and part replacement so the argument of "we can't send you a part because you'll mount it wrong" is bs! I already fixed the ferrite core rattle, ffs! And now I'm looking to work around the BMS - how is it safer than selling me the part?!

    I'm in Europe so shipment one way is $150, and I'm not sure about duty fees when board is received from service.

    Replace parts for fee + premium == more income + happy users
    What do I not get?

    And what about the environment?!

    It's not even that I can write "great product" because the first iteration of XR was rubbish… So it's great invention, not top quality, user unfriendly parts policy!

  • Boy, do I agree, in all ways possible!!!

  • Amen brother. One of my biggest fears is the day I have to send my board back. I could change any part my self if I could get it.

  • You guys should look on the onewheel owners group on Facebook. There’s a fellow there that does sell parts. He bought a bunch on boards and stripped them down just for this reason.

  • @tomfoolery ssssshhhhhh

  • @roninXpl
    An outside parts source is available as mentioned.
    Pros: Accessibilty, DIY, cheaper.
    Cons: Availability is inconsistent, used parts, warranty none.

    Whatever reason(s) FM dont sell their internal parts, is their prerogative .Unless their is some kind of competitor it is not likely that this will change .

    I think it's more about quality control. OW is low volume , high price item. Remember that a growing company needs to sustain to have R&D, profitability, and existence.

    When they've realized that their new board sales have decreased due to more DIYers , perhaps then they'll change their policies.

    "Competition is good for business"

  • I only need a way to replace the BMS…

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