OW+ jolts/jerks/boosts when accelerating

  • Re: XL motor jerks/stutters when accelerating
    This is exactly what has been happening to me lately. I am 168lbs and have 150+ miles on a new OW+. I'm pretty comfortable riding and try to respect the board as much possible. I have been feeling this "jolting" or "power boosting" happening almost every time i come around a turn and start heading into a straightaway. I've been riding this board since mid January and this just started a week ago. Am I just getting too comfortable or is there a problem with the board? And is there a real chance this is a pre-cursor to a nosedive?

  • Its a warning. Check you are keeping your weight centered over the wheel. You can get the acceleration pulses if you lean fwd, cause the motor has to work harder to hold you up.

  • @stinkyface I guess that has to be it. I've noticed my front thigh feeling sore after a ride and it never used to. So that makes sense then, I'm pushing too hard too quick and the board is trying to keep up. This is going to be a hard habit to break as I was really enjoying how comfortable I was getting. Guess I have to try and be more mindful. Thanks for the reply.

  • @Digitalknoll

    Same advice as above, try and keep weight centered over wheel and feet closer to the wheel when you want to speed.

    The "surging" as it's called is a precursor to nosediving if it's not listened to. That's the boards way of saying it can't keep up with the demand... although most folks get it when going up inclines and trying to use flat ground speed/acceleration.

    Try slowing down your acceleration a little and see if it continues. I find body position effects this a lot.

  • @skyman88 Thanks for the tip. I ride around in public a lot and a face plant is my deepest fear, lol. I mean, I know it's coming eventually, and I am always expecting it, but it's gonna suck eggs when it happens in front of a crowd. Cool factor goes completely out the window. This is one of the reasons I'm planning on hitting Float life fest this year. I want to be among a lot of riders and get tips and really push myself. I won't feel bad at all busting ass there, they've all done it too.

  • @Digitalknoll Yea My second face plant was on my way to work in front of main entrance of central station Stockholm. It was crowded 🤣

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