How long did it last?

  • So I've had my Onewheel+ for almost a year now (1350km). It still works perfect but I'm curious if i can get one more year from it?
    How long did yours last before it broke down?

  • @Khayman something else will likely break before the battery dies.. the bms is the weakest link

  • @Khayman Coming up on 2 years with my + in August and I have over 1650 miles on it. Put a new tire on (treaded FlightFins Hoosier 6.0) around the 1500 mile mark, but everything else, including the battery, is working like new (fingers crossed!). Of course, I'm a mostly paved and hard dirt pack rider, no tricks, jumps, or drops, so YMMV!

  • @Khayman Had my Plus since June 2018. So gonna be my first year soon. Board has 2,142miles the only thing that got replaced so far was the bearings at 1,840 miles that's because I used to ride in rain. I guess don't ever get your bearings wet and if you do make sure to dry them right away they will rust and seize making it loud when you ride. Other than that everythings fine. Knock on wood.

  • @Kaze ooopsss I have to stop riding in the rain then.
    Can you change the bearings yourself?
    I live in Sweden som om not going to send it to FM.

  • @Khayman yes you can if you have a press. There's a vid on youtube showing a guy replacing it and after it runs so much smoother and quiter. Mines felt like that smooth like butter. Luckily I don't live to far from the repair shop where FM is located but the turn around was still about 2 wks for them to replace my bearings. Next time I'm just gonna do them myself. I heard of people using Burris bearings and I wanna give that a shot.

  • @Kaze thanks for the idea 👍🏻

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