Flight fins modification

  • Hey I just thought y’all might like to see this. I’ve been riding for like 8 months. I’m a long time snowboarder. Never really could do much on a skateboard cause I wasn’t hooked on. I’ve been holding off on the flight fins because I didn’t like the idea of having my feet so close. I run a wide stance. So then I saw some blocks that someone is making to widen the stance of the fins. Well I made my own out of some foam yoga blocks. I just got some longer bolts, ran em right through, and trimmed off the excess bolt with a grinder. It works pretty good. They are solid and pretty much weightless. I think I’m gonna make the back one even thicker. It’s been a lot of trial and error to get em right but they’re easy to cut and cheap and you can shape them however you want. Pictured is my second set. I think with one more try, tweaking the angles of my cuts a little, I will have them in the perfect position. Ok now let me figure out how to get the picture on here...

    5F59B91D-F9EC-4147-B1A7-D8D24![alt text](image url)5F7B950.jpeg

  • @BigJee
    Thank's for sharing,I was thinking of doing the same,just got to do it now.

  • There is something like this that I saw on a shop a few days ago, they also sell this screws that can hold the fender on my you can easily take them off without a screwdriver

  • Awesome! I have the fins on order, but was worried my feet would be too close together. If they are; I'm going to makes some blocks like you did. Thanks!

  • So now that I’m actually using them I’ve found that the squishy blocks don’t allow the nuts to ever be very tight. Then they slip upwards and get looser on your feet over time. Haven’t figured out a solution yet but the wheels are turning in my brain.

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