Added Ranger - board dead

  • Installed Ranger - thought it went ok. Board would power up (lights, resistance at wheel) but wouldn't engage. Removed Ranger and now I get two flashes then one sort of quick short flash and it powers off. Have I really bricked this thing? Any ideas?

  • @nicktulloh quick question when do you usually plug in your ranger. For me I plug in my 2.5 when my board reads 79-80% and get roughly around 10-11 Miles. I've only been using the Ranger kit for about 1wk now so I constantly check my phone and see if my board is fine. If it matters I'm 165lbs and tire psi at 21.

  • Nick's BMS was damaged when he installed the cable. Luckily a local repair shop fixed the BMS for free. Just wanted to post the outcome here as it was not due to a defect in the Ranger hardware.

  • @hoovdini Good to know. Figured as much as there are a lot of ways to do this and not a lot of issues.

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