First nosedive

  • Had my first nosedive today......going about 15 mph on my way back from a 12 mile ride. I got my 10% battery warning next thing I knew I was on the ground. Ruined my coat, bloody elbow and a good scrape on my helmet! I don’t bounce very well at 51 years old!

  • Yea you need to be careful when power is low.
    Don't push it.

  • Sorry to hear and hope you recover soon. I don’t trust my board at <20% because if that reason. I also ride “aggressive” and had to run out a nose dive when I had same thing happen.@Maverik

  • Yeah I won’t go below 20 anymore!

  • @Maverik I’ve gone that low before and I’ve heard of people actually switching the riding mode to sequoia or Cruz and riding slower. I haven’t changed the mode but i did slow it down and ride a bit more cautiously and made it. Sorry this happened to you. Heal fast my friend.

  • @Maverik it's not a problem to go lower than 20% I do it most days. You just can't push it as hard, you need to go slower.

  • Yep learned my lesson! Broken rib bruised pelvis, hip, and shoulder. Broken helmet but I will heal!

  • I don’t trust my board at all. First nose dive was at 30 miles. Maybe got to comfortable... i was going up hill and no idea what happened and i was on the ground. Just scraped up but took a month to heal those big patches of missing skin. Might sell the board. Don’t want to eat shit again. The board should protect me not itself.

  • @kd6tav not going to sell mine. It was my fault I ignored the battery warning and kept pushing the board. Going to get fangs and obey the warning next time!

  • I don’t know why anyone would assume this sport is supposed to be safe. Board sports are known for kickin your ass. Skateboarders scrape their skin off on the regular. If you want to shred... prepare to take a beating. You gotta pay to play. If you can’t take some slams you definitely should not be playin. It seems most people are taking most of the damage to their upper body. Shoulders, collar bones, elbows. The good part is that you don’t really need these parts to keep on riding! I’ll never stop!

  • @BigJee I agree I got broken ribs and a bruised pelvis but I will heal and be back at my it!

  • @kd6tav I have a pretty good idea what happened: when you go uphill you are putting much strain on the motor, especially if you want to go uphill fast or accelerate going uphill. Motor cannot generate enough power and nose goes down on the ground. Ever cycled uphill ? Noticed the difference in effort vs. flat ? Don't sell the board, be more careful and enjoy

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