How is no one yet posting about the new PINT launch?

  • It might be interesting to see how it works. Its just an option though. Sounds like they understand that dismounting can be challenging for some people and they are trying to make it more user friendly. I'm all for making things easier. Don't feel bad, so far the only I have fallen (2 years , 2nd battery and tire about 600mi) far is near stop lights where a bunch folks are already looking at me like I'm nut's. Hey look look at that old guy idiot ....bam...I don't disappoint. 2am riding solves that problem. LOL I plan on learing how to dismount better someday...maybe .

  • Yes the lean back to stop can be turned off!

  • For the record, my note on the Simplestop feature:

    Also, the lean back stop feature seems like something that could be added to the + and XR firmware as an option.


    And now we know it's an option on the Pint, so hopefully they'll bring it back to the other boards.

  • Have you ever tried pivoting on your heel and swinging your foot to one side as opposed to lifting your heel and getting on your toes? I actually prefer to dismount this way and find it much “cooler” looking than the dancer pose. Try it and let me know. @Enterusername

  • Yes I have tried different ways like you say but I didn't practice enough. I was able to get it done sometimes but not 100%. I do plan to practice dismounts and riding backwards more once my chest bone heals back together. May be a few more months. Thanks for the advice though.
    I'm really glad I got to play with these toys before I got to old.
    Good luck with the new board Onewheel .

  • Holy shit!
    FM blocked and banned Jimmy Chang and Slydog, for their comments?

    That’s got to be one of the DUMBEST PR moves I’ve ever seen a business take...

  • What did they say?

  • Slydog: “A’s a toy!”
    Jimmy: “That was a lot of hype. For that.”

    This company is shooting itself in the foot...
    Seems like they need some competition to get them to start behaving properly...

    link text

  • I'll be interested to see if it has a smaller battery, i.e. can be carried on aircraft with the under 99mAh rule.

  • @thefunkybat
    Smaller batt
    Diff port. Not xlr...

  • They need places for folks to try out the new product

    I’d regret selling my Plus and not keeping it for the kids, but I want to know how the pint works/feels before I drop another grand

    Stuff is too expensive to buy sight unseen

  • @sdonewheel

    I spoke to CS at Future Motion - the new stopping mechanism can be turned off ( thru the app) as an option. I mentioned the forum was already hoping for this to be a thin for the XR as well... she just laughed and said " we are constantly learning and improving our technology" .

  • @greengorilla Should've said "seriously though, when can we get it?".

  • @jackiemoon

    I agree - the reps I spoke to at FM did say the demos they did felt similar in turns of ride.... and that no experience needed, but experience on a + or XR might have you learning the slight difference youd need to lean/turn etc on smaller wheel. But I'd love to demo it before plunking down the cash, for sure. I know SUPRents is growing their rental fleet - hoping for a Pint in there! ( or from local boardshop )

  • Any word on the battery size in Watt hours?

  • I ordered a pint - shipping tracker says .....JUNE??? I reallllllly hope that is incorrect. ( You'd think theyd have a few made at launch? )

    If I get it before summer ( sigh) I will update here, differences in ride feel from the plus to the pint. Float on pals !

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