How is no one yet posting about the new PINT launch?

  • Has anyone demo'ed / ridden this new PINT model ? Looks like from the webpage its just slightly smaller ( XR 29.5 X 11.5 X 9.5 , vs PINT 27 X 10.5 X 8.75 ) , smaller tire too but same motor.... I have only ridden the + , curious to hear what the veterans in the community think about ....

    1. ride feel , PINT... vs + ....vs XR ?
    2. New stopping technology?
    3. No more + model unit production?

    I was hoping for price drop on full size XR , but this has my curiosity peeked. ( unless i got punkd and it was all a dream or fake website for early April fools.) Cant wait to see reaction on this news. Float safe!

  • I ordered one! This will be a perfect #2 that the kids can ride and I'll take it on shorter rides when I may have to carry it longer distances.

  • I Really like the idea of the new Pint. I especially like the battery indicators on the surface and the price is a lot more reasonable, Great job Onewheel!
    I like everything I see about this new board. I'm not in to offroading on skateboards anymore or any of the acro stunts. I REALLY like carving turns on smooth pavement and riding late at night with no one around (that's just me) . I'm a 61 year old beat up surfer, kiteboarder, snowboarder who doesn't like phones and attention...Especially when I bite
    I still have a great working V1 with a new battery and tire and love it. My son is having to keep my battery cycled because I'm only 2 months out from open heart surgery. When I get my balance back I would love to try one these boards. The Doc says only Paddle boarding on water now so I will only fall in the water. So far so good.
    Coolest toy I've ever had!!! Can't wait to get back to it.

  • Looks very cool! I wouldn't trade in my XR for it, but I probably need both lol. The question that has not been answered yet, is how much does it weigh????

  • Ooooop, found it! 23LBS.

  • Wondering if the regular stock fender will work with the Pint?

  • Overall, I like it!

    Is it my imagination or is the deck mounted slightly above the axel? Perhaps to give it better clearance with the smaller (?) wheel.

    Also, the lean back stop feature seems like something that could be added to the + and XR firmware as an option. That would be quite nice.

    Yay @Future-Motion!

  • Love my XR. Will buy the Pint for my wife and kids. Great job Future Motion 👏🏼

  • @Enterusername No - they're selling a Pint-specific fender.

    @OneDan I was wondering about the Simplestop application on the XR as well...

  • @Enterusername

    Wow man - I hope your recovery is going well ! I'm a 47 yr old beat up skater myself. The onewheel is so great tho as you describe - carving on pavement, enjoying the mellow ride/ sessions.

    I do wonder how the slightly shorter deck length will impact stability? I have tiny feet so the width isnt a thing for me personally... but it seems like it would be more prone to bails from leaning fwd... idk.

  • @Panglossian

    Did you get any estimate on delivery date? I'd hope quickly on day 1 order....

    Also , when you get it , can you post about the feel of the ride vs your full size board? That would be sick! ( and helpful )


  • @c-han8484

    ...only 4 lbs lighter than the XR , so it seems like very little compromise ( 2.5"" length, 4 lbs weight, .75" smaller tire ) here to get in at the lower price point ? Very exciting....

  • That figures about the fender..I never could understand the concept of this board without a fender . Who would want dirt and rocks flying up there face? I just happened to have an extra one for my V1. I guess initially they come with one but who knows about later ??? Wonder whats next ? Maybe an XR Especial Whamy Jammy ? Thanks for the info..

  • @OneDan

    85 miles and stopping my XR is still an awkward and an issue for me (and it only seems be a problem when I'm surrounded my people) ;)
    So I would love a lean back switch, but only if it was an option. I love the ability to ride backwards to much to give up that option...

  • @OneDan lean back/stop sounds like trouble in the making to me. that will remove the ability to float to and fro. I see the potential for unintended stops, when shifting your balance. but we'll see how that works out.

  • @Enterusername probably but it will look like shit!🤪

  • It might be interesting to see how it works. Its just an option though. Sounds like they understand that dismounting can be challenging for some people and they are trying to make it more user friendly. I'm all for making things easier. Don't feel bad, so far the only I have fallen (2 years , 2nd battery and tire about 600mi) far is near stop lights where a bunch folks are already looking at me like I'm nut's. Hey look look at that old guy idiot ....bam...I don't disappoint. 2am riding solves that problem. LOL I plan on learing how to dismount better someday...maybe .

  • Yes the lean back to stop can be turned off!

  • For the record, my note on the Simplestop feature:

    Also, the lean back stop feature seems like something that could be added to the + and XR firmware as an option.


    And now we know it's an option on the Pint, so hopefully they'll bring it back to the other boards.

  • Have you ever tried pivoting on your heel and swinging your foot to one side as opposed to lifting your heel and getting on your toes? I actually prefer to dismount this way and find it much “cooler” looking than the dancer pose. Try it and let me know. @Enterusername

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