XR not shutting down when front-foot lifted

  • I'm still learning (my XR is only a week or so old), but I've run into a strange situation: Every once in a while, when I lift my heel to dismount...My OneWheel doesn't turn off. In the end, I'm forced to jump off the board.

    Most of the time, the board then shuts down...but one time (when my dismount knocked the board on its side) the motor just started racing with no rider on it at all. I had to press the power button to stop the motor.

    Is there anything that I can do locally to diagnose the problem?

  • Call future motion. Not email... call em. Your front footpad is bad.

  • @dhreiss I’d try putting the board on something like a milk crate where the wheel is not in contact with the ground. Make sure to turn the board on at its natural resting angle before putting it up. Once the wheel is suspended press just one side of the sensor pads and look to make sure the lights brighten, then do the same with the other side of the sensor pad and watching that the lights dim back down a few seconds later after pressure is removed from each sensor side. If the lights do not dim after removing pressure from either side of the sensor, contact future motion and explain this issue to them. If the lights dim after each side is released, engage both sensors. This should send your wheel spinning. Try to level the board and stop the wheel. Release pressure on one side of the sensor pad checking to make sure the motor disengages and repeat for the other half. If all this checks out then you need to work on your dismount technique. For me it’s easier to stand on the ball of my foot and lift my heel. The sensors are very close to the center of the pad so foot placement plays a big factor in disengaging the motor. Hopefully that solves your problem and you don’t have to deal with future motion about a faulty sensor pad but good luck and happy floating anyway!

  • @tomfoolery

    "...The sensors are very close to the center of the pad so foot placement plays a big factor in disengaging the motor..."

    Thank you, this explains a lot.

    85 miles now and I'm still jumping off about a quarter of the time. Sometimes when lifting my heel, I wondered if the front part of my foot was on the left sensor. When I can get it to shutdown, it feels like I'm on my 'tippy-toes' like some kind of ballerina. I've tried rotating on my heel, but it just won't rotate, I assume due to the sole material.

    This is my biggest complaint about my XR, other than that - it's amazing...

  • @sdonewheel

    The XR sensor covers the majority of the front foot pad. Only the V1 had the centralized sensor (OW+ and XR have same front pad).

    Two most likley scenarios:

    1. Defective foot pad. This is a bad situation as it can lead to a run away board. If your board isn't turning off when you're under 1 mph and have your heel lifted, put in a help ticket with FM
    2. Lack of practice dismounting. May just be your foot isn't in the right place or is touching both sides of the sensor. See image before for what the sensor looks like under the grip tape


  • @skyman88

    Both sides look pretty close to the center to me. As most of my weight is on my toe and heel, maybe removing the four sensor strips (two on either side) would help?

    I have this problem even when standing perfectly still, so I assume the sensor is ok

  • I had a footpad go bad. I just called em, they sent me one really fast, charged me 100 bucks ( which is better than buying the set of both pads on the site for 150.) and then when I returned the bad one, they refunded my money. I thought that was pretty cool.

  • @sdonewheel as far as I can tell from converting the sensor for kush pads, you can only remove the strips from the side closest to the tire and not on either side of the center run.

  • Thanks, folks! This has given me a bunch of things to test. Your feedback and advice have both been appreciated. :)

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