Looking for some help riding.

  • So,

    This sounds silly, I love my one wheel, but I seriously cannot get off the board. Getting on and riding is easy for me now, but for the gosh darn life of me I cannot get off this thing without falling. I always have to a fence or car to do a push up on to get off. I've watch videos and read the guide. I just feel like I am missing something, anyone else struggles with this? How did you figure it out?

  • What has really helped me was to start jumping off with both feet. I used to always almost fall trying to do it the "lift the heel" way. I've recently tried lifting my toes and as my legs have gotten stronger, it's been so much more easy to trigger it to turn off without slamming down on the rear and/or falling off.

  • When I started out I watched this excellent video on dismount techniques. It's worth watching even though there is no substitute for practice. Even so, I still struggle with proper dismounts from time to time and jump off as a last resort if I lose my balance. Just keep practicing and it'll get easier.


  • @jlk250 the one thing I read over and over was to practice disengaging the motor before really taking off. If you’ve got something to hold onto that’s great but once you get your foot placement down for the disengagement then work on just touching that object and doing it until you’ve just got your hands near the object. Make sure you’re almost at a complete standstill when dismounting. I stand on the ball of my foot but I’ve heard of others pivoting on their heels. That’s not for me. I gotta do the “dancers pose”

  • @youcrew what helped me is when I lift my heel I mostly focus on pushing my knee forward. Also the timing, so don’t wait until you come to a stop to start lifting your heal. Time it so your heel is lifting just before you stop which minimizes the amount of time you have to balance while stopped.

  • Your not silly . I felt your pain with the dismount thing as do many. They are right about practicing but that's no fun. Every time I got on mine I just wanted ride. I,m still not great at it but I don't care so much. Don't worry so much, just ride and have fun. Maybe we can practice the dismount inside on the carpet on crappy days. Maybe the Pint's dismount thing will be awesome. I'm pretty sure that's why FM went to the trouble of trying to make it easier for us mortals.

  • Try Practice staying still and balancing in one place. As you get better staying still balancing on the board then start practicing lifting your heel to disengage. As you slow to a stop,, then balance and then lift heel to disengage.

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