Upgrade to Stronger Plastic + Discount for Glider v2.0

  • We’ve been experimenting with some new, stronger materials for the Glider with fantastic feedback from those who have received test units. We’re excited to announce that as of today, all black Gliders will be printed in ABS+, which is three times the strength of the PETG plastic that we’ve been printing with since the release of v2.0. This means greater impact resistance and increased durability to help your Glider survive those tough crashes and crazy tricks. Take a look at the video in the link to see John putting a sample unit to the test!


    To celebrate the upgrade, take 10% off until the end of March with promo code NEWABS at www.synergywiz.com/glider !

  • We did a little more strength and pressure testing over the weekend and ran over an ABS+ test unit with our 3,000 lb. SUV.