So Future Motion seems to have forgotten about their Forum

  • It's been 3 days since the introduction of the Pint yet no mention of it in from @Future-Motion .

    Did they just forget the people in here? Do they even keep an eye on this forum?

  • Yeah, it's not as easy to find the forum... I had to go in my history to find the link.

  • It is strange. I enjoy the forum and the honest posts and discussion. Maybe after the latest 5 day promotion ends they will revert the website?

  • A sentiment that was said on reddit/r/onewheel a few times is that FM seems to hate their customers.

    I don't know if I would go that far. What I sense from Future Motion is that their white collar employees seem to be fanatical about their product, but often show no love for their customers/onewheel owners.

    Case in point, FM banned Jimmy Chang and Slydog for a off-hand remark. Jimmy Chang from the videos I have watched is one of the biggest OneWheel proponents. WTF Future Motion?!

  • @mr-vince the unbanned jimmy Chang

  • @tomfoolery and sent him a hat.

    All businesses protect their social media, especially when launching new products.

    @mr-vince I've been lurking on these forums for a while and have rarely even seen FM involved. They have some of their employees in the larger Facebook groups and there are ton more engaged riders there. Between FB and IG, I don't think they really have a need for the forum to exist any more... I just like the simplicity of it here and the fact that it takes 10 min a day to stay on top of the new posts... on a busy week.

    @mr-vince as far as FM not liking their customers... I don't think this is true personally (my opinion), but I think it's lack of understanding who their current clientele is. Could be an age thing, could be a Cali thing, not sure... but I don't think they want to cater to a small die hard population, and instead choose to expand their customer base.

    They were invited to FLF last year but couldn't make it. Jack at least mentioned the event during the NYC launch of the Pint. I think a lot of current OW riders are older than the marketing team thinks... the Pint may change that because it costs less than an iPhone X did when it was launched.

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