Anyone Know Which Tire Tread Lasts Longest For Street Riding?

  • Anyone know what the best/most durable tire is for street riding? Is it the stock Vega?

    My tire lasted a little less than 6 months and less than 600 miles until I started getting ooze leaking out of the left outer rim of the wheel (probably around 10 inches total of oozing area in a less than quarter-inch strip along the outside rim). Called Onewheel and sent in pictures, and was told the 6 month warranty won't apply as the techs see the issue as wear-and-tear.

    I am 6'2 260, and have been riding to work about 4-5 days a week, all on the street, with occasional trail and beach rides. I didn't factor in having to spend around $160-200 a year on maintenance on my board/tires, and not riding for a month sounds awful haha. I know I will have to be more tire conscious moving forward and look to try and minimize my wear on the tire wear I can. I know a place nearby that would install a tire for me, I would just have to purchase one, and then I could get to riding quicker instead of sending it in.

  • @Nick-Sabs I have had luck with The treaded Hoosier 11x6.5x6, D30 compound. My first one lasted 1990 miles. I'm on my second one now. Zero complaints with it.

    I got it at Smiley's racing.

  • I got 1700 miles out of my stock Vega and probably could’ve got a little bit more out of it. It’s all about monitoring tire pressure. I ran it at 18 psi with 50/50 trail and street riding. Keeping it as close to factory recommendations will definitely get you the most mileage. I replaced the Vega with the Flight Fins 6.0. I’m running it at a lower psi (15) for shaping reasons. I’ve notice better traction in snow and the wear seams to be normal for the mileage and psi. @Nick-Sabs

  • @HanahsDax Same here, almost 1600 on my Vega and it could've gone further, but I also kept it at 20 psi and more like 75/25 street/trail riding (I'm 185 lbs). I agree, check psi often. I've also replaced with the FF 6.0 and I love it. Way better traction, even on the street, especially through mud and wet grass or leaves. I'm no longer worried that the board will slip out from under me in those situations, which I've had happen with the Vega and would always avoid them.

  • Just curious? What psi are you running your FF 6.0? @OneDan

  • @HanahsDax Same, I keep it around 20. Took maybe 100 miles to burn off the little burrs sticking out of the tire (initially I was cutting them off, but decided it didn't matter), but now it's smooth, no more rubbing.

  • @Nick-Sabs I’m the same size and ride the same exact conditions. Got about 370 miles out of my first Vega. But I was intentionally running at a super-low PSI (12-14 PSI) which adds a ton of wear. I found it easier and more comfortable to ride super-flat as I started out. I replaced with another Vega myself a few months ago, cheaper than sending it in, and I was back riding in a little over an hour. It’s pretty easy to do. The biggest pain in the ass is breaking the beads, but guys our size can certainly do with a little elbow grease (and putting our weight into it).
    I’m also running at the recommended 20 PSI to see if I get any more life out of my Vega.

  • @eckit good to know man! How many miles do you have on the new Vega? And what PSI are you running it at?

  • @Earthpilot good to know man. Think I may go with that after this next Vega I get wears out (didn't want to void the 12 month warranty on the board).

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