California Law on use of OneWheel

  • I have read some links and articles but I have not found the definitive word on how the law sees the OneWheel in California. Most people are saying that this device is considered a Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices (EPAMD) but Section 313 of the vehicle code defines such device.."self-balancing, nontandem two-wheeled device....... the maximum speed of which, when powered solely by a propulsion system on a paved level surface, is no more than 12.5 miles per hour"

    CA EPAMD rules:

    So, if it does not meet the legal definition in CA for a EPAMD, then what is it?

    I work in the Transportation Dept. of the city where I live, work directly with our Traffic Enforcement Police.... but also own my own OneWheels. I could ask our City Attorney, but this is more of self interest.

    Help Please. I assume OW has a legal team that has this researched.

  • @SteveSiz

    It must be 2 wheels or less. The key word is “tandem”. As there is no tandem status with a single wheel it falls within the parameters.

    In regards to speed? Burden of proof is on the,. Prove it goes faster than 12.5mph.

    It falls under the classification of an EPAMD.

  • So I have a pair of Fangs installed. Does that help with the 2 wheels definition?

  • @causticgrip No, it doesn't say "or less". "Non tandem" just means the wheels are not in line, like a bicycle. So it might include a Segway, for example. On its own section 313 does not include a OW. That's not to say there might not be another later statute somewhere else that says it applies to OWs from then on. However, look at section 313.5, which perfectly describes a OW and other boards.

    and yes I went to law school

  • @Gadgetrider nope.

    Think hoveround

  • @wheelrich it exactly includes a segue way.
    And it will not say is implied. The key word is “Non-tandem”

    Meaning 2 or less, non-tandem

  • @causticgrip yes, I said includes a segway. I does NOT include a OW, because it species two wheel. There is no legal inference involved here. The wording is very specific. I have argued Calif law in court, have you? But these things routinely get amended, so it will be whatever they want it to be, eventually.

  • @SteveSiz feel your pain. I'm not in your country so can't comment on Cali regs.

    In my state of Australia, we got a revision to our regs when Lime rental scooters came along. I contacted the transport committee that was working on the regs and surprise they actually came up with some really simple and solid rules. Including descriptions like "1 or more wheels".....

    Point of the comment is this is an existing law in a developed country and you should steer your local or state authority to this as an example of clear and functional rules for them to consider for your state.

    Couldn't hurt to let them know they are not keeping up with the rest of the world. 👍

  • @wheelrich yeah I see that...looks like Cali fucked it’s citizens yet once again...such a beautiful state...ruined by its constituents voting in its politicians with policies that ruin it entirely...

  • The Onewheel can be an "electrically motorized board" which is allowed up to 20mph on streetswith limits under 35mph, and on sidewalks so long as they are ridden in a manner safe for pedestrians up to 15mph. Cities are allowed to make their own, more restrictive rules if they want.

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