Shipping to Czech Republic? (Onewheel XR)

  • Does anyone have any insight/suggestions on getting a Onewheel XR in the Czech Republic? Is it best to...

    (1) Buy one in the US and have it shipped (FedEx or some shipper that will do so with the larger battery) and pay VAT and import/customs fees?
    (2) Buy one from a dealer in Europe and pay a lot more for it?
    (3) Try and take the Onewheel on a plane and ship the battery separate?
    (4) Some completely different idea/suggestion?

    I've been scouring the forum and trying to get some input from others, but haven't been able to determine the easiest/safest and cheapest option between what I've found thus far. Any suggestions would be VERY welcome!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Buying from EU dealer is cheaper than self import. I self imported my OW plus XR (got it in 04.2018) because it would have taken a half year longer to get it from EU dealer (like 09.2018). The XR is in stock in France and the Netherlands.

  • Good to know. Was the cost higher just because of all the fees associated with getting it into the country? Out of curiosity, what did you end up paying? Should I expect a 20% or more increase in cost over what the pricing is here in the US? Just trying to brace myself for the added cost... which sucks. :/

  • @iamsomewhere you got shipping (which FM does with FedEX very fast, quite expensive: $250 or $300) and VAT (depends upon your country NL: 21%, DE 19%) and import duties (couple of %). You don't pay US state sales tax so that helps

  • @ooww - Yikes! So... sounds like just buying one there is both less costly and less of a hassle to deal with.

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