Good Price for Onewheel Plus?

  • Good insights. And yes, I would like to take it with me to Europe in a month or two.

    I am a bit of a larger guy... 6' and 200 lbs, so maybe the Plus would be ok and worth the $100 savings because it's larger? I also do like that it charges faster than the other Onewheel models.

  • I think 850 is a SMOKIN’ deal for a NIB plus!

  • @iamsomewhere that price is amazing, buy it and resell.

    Other things, existing 3rd party market for fenders, handles, hires, bumpers, fangs, etc... and no one mentioned the 4x faster charge time with the normal charger.

    Both will meet TSA guidelines for allowable battery size. The OW+ allows the add on for external batteries and other charging options that may take a while with the Pint or be blocked by FM; no one knows yet.

    @iamsomewhere do you want to cruise a city or go trail riding? The OW+ may allow you options for riding based on battery options and charge time and tire size. If you need a lighter weight, smaller ride, the Pint is probably worth the wait...

    I'd buy the OW+. Try someone else's Pint when available and then decide. At $850 for the OW, you may make a profit selling it used.

  • @ooww have they actually said something about possibility to change tire on the Pint?
    Is it FMs own tire?

  • @iamsomewhere I have over 1600 miles on my + . . . I'd buy that deal in a minute! It's a great machine.

  • @c-han8484 - Good to know! I wasn’t sure if it would be considered “undesireable” now that it’s a couple generations behind.

  • @skyman88 - I’m happy to hear that I (hopefully) won’t have any issues trying to take the OW+ with me when traveling.

    My initial thought is to use it just for transit. I know in Europe, public transit is really good, but just getting from home to the metro or tram will be easier (and more fun) with a OW. :)

    I ruled out e-skateboards a long time ago when I visited and realized that most roads or sidewalks are cobblestone and not really nice/smooth. Shouldn’t be a problem for that big ‘ol tire though!

  • @OneDan - That’s fantastic! Have you had to replace the tire yet? Anything else, or has it held up well? Also... wondering about weather. I’ve heard some say it is better to not ride it in the rain because it wears out the wheel bearings a lot faster. Have you found this to be true?

  • @iamsomewhere I'm a fair weather rider, so my board rarely gets wet except the occasional puddle. My Vega lasted 1500 miles and could've gone further, but I wanted to try a treaded tire, so I put on a FF 6.0 Hoosier and just love it! My board charges and rides like the day I bought it (well, except the much improved tire!).

    Did I read that you are from the Czech Republic? Because I used to manage a group out there, so I was going to Brno 3 or 4 times a year for the last 5 years before I retired in January.

  • @OneDan - Small world! Yeah, that's amazing about Brno. That is where we'll be studying Czech (Masaryk University) in the fall. We'll be in Olomouc from late April through the summer. I'm currently writing this from Boise, ID. Also... I'll check out the Hoosier tire. Seems to be a popular choice, as I've heard the name quite often.

  • @Khayman Tyre is replacable, haven't checked for alternatives. I like a slick for paved roads where I'll be using the Pint. The current tyre is a $23 item (not FM proprietary).

  • @ooww aha cool

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