Brake getting weaker? harder to get on

  • I have a onewheel XR with around 650km in it. Lately it feels it is harder to get on, because the "brake" not holding the wheel enough. it is the latest firmware? or something is wrong with my onewheel? it is impossible to get on on a slight tilted road. Maybe if this braking force could be customizable that would be nice. Are you guys experiencing similar thing? battery is getting weaker? or problem in the motor?

  • Try a custom setting with max response and max tightness.

    It might be that the pre programmed profiles have been adjusted

  • @Gtamas90 , I have not noticed this. I will say I'm relatively light weight rider though... Not trying to be a jerk here, but have you been gaining weight? I would assume weight has a lot to do with this.

    When you're off the board and the board is sitting on it's own on a hill, does it roll? Or stay put? I'm assuming you're only noticing this when trying to mount the board and not when it's just holding on until you get on?

  • You experience if in all the stock profiles? I did notice a change after the app update.

  • @Gtamas90 when is the last time you updated the firmware on the board (meaning you have to blue tooth sync to the board and let the firmware update via the app, usually takes about 15 minutes)?

  • @skyman88 , just loading the app and connecting to the one wheel will automatically prompt for firmware upgrade if one is available correct?

    I ask because I have never seen it since my purchase end of Feb. A few app updates, but no firmware.

  • @SirCarvesAlot

    FM usually announces Firmware changes because it's a big deal. We didn't always have Delirium.... used to only have through Mission on the OW+. And then Custom was added with the XR.

    So there was the older original OW+ firmware followed by Andromeda (Delirium and algorithm changes, the OW tail used to drag when you went off drops, look at their old marketing material, added surging as a precursor to nose diving) followed by Gemini (Custom shaping modes, less severe pushback, higher speed before pushback 14mph went to 15-16 mph).

    If you have purchased a board since Nov 2018 it comes with Gemini and all the updates are app only. Ability to save/name Custom modes, etc... no change to the firmware on the controller.

  • @skyman88 Very informative response. Thanks very much.

  • @SirCarvesAlot I did not gain weight. On tilted road, i think it starts to roll easier than before. But this is just a feeling, don't have evidence, and now im afraid it just in my head.

    But it would be a nice FW upgrade to be able to adjust this off the board braking force :)

    Now that im getting used to the board, at higher speeds (20-25km/h) sometimes it feels that the wheel slips for like 0,01 sec, so the app did not warn me there was a wheelslip. Are you guys experiencing this too?

  • Also i have latest firmware and app, i'm using custom settings, carve ability +4, stance profile +0.2, aggressiveness 10.

  • @Gtamas90 That wheel slip feeling is what we call "surge". It is a big warning sign that you are on the verge of nose diving. Do a search for Onewheel surge and you'll learn what you need to know. Very important info for avoiding nose dives.

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