Float Fender - Thumbs Up!

  • Float Fender- Thumbs up!

    Ok, after 3 months of use, here is my review

    This is completely idiot-proof. There is a video that shows you how to do it. Took me longer to take off my Onewheel fender than it took to install it.

    Things I love about it:

    • It sheds pine needles, leaves, rocks and dirt way better than the Onewheel fender. Stuff just flies out the side
    • Indestructible- it is a super flexible plastic that takes a beating. I let my kids and nephews ride the board and have no worries that they are going to crack the $85 Onewheel fender
    • No board rot- with the Onewheel fender it goes just a little bit over the wood on the board. When the board gets wet, part of the wood stays a bit wet. I’ve notice some bits of wood rotting off. The Float fender goes flush with the side of the board wood so it really doesn’t overlap
    • Easy on and off- they have thumbscrews so you don’t need to have a wrench with you.

    Minor issue:

    • In cold weather, I’ve noticed some of the nylon thumb screws pop off/break if you roll the board. I’ve switched to brass thumb screws so hopefully that will help. If you are riding with the nylon screws have a few extras in your pocket. That said, worst case you could just take the fender off, roll it up and put it in your pocket.

    Customer service is awesome!

    • Fender shipped almost immediately
    • They included extra stickers and drink cozies
    • I ordered the wrong set of thumb screws (my mistake). I sent an email to return them and Jeff McKosker replied back literally 5 minutes later. He told me he dropped a pair of the correct screws in the mail and to hang on to the old ones (at no charge).

  • Glad you're digging it man! Float on :)

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