Nothing is going right

  • The start of this domino effect was when the app and board didn't correspond and left me stuck with lights on and in extreme mode which wasn't a problem until I had to explain to people I showed that mine was broken. Now the board jerks squeaks and grunts everyone I ride it and turns off without warning. The biggest problem I have with this is when I have to show people my board and it isn't functioning properly. Any tips? Besides the usual delete reinstall app, charge over night or let it die?

  • Take a video and email support with your experience along with the video link besides posting a link here. Maybe we can help diagnose a solution but you also get on the clock with support which will take a couple week days to respond. Each time I've emailed support, their response days later is to ask for a video so your better off including it off the bat. Definitely wait to ride in general until it is fixed especially if it's shutting off while riding.

    Right now my board only works while plugged in and I'm waiting to hear back on how they want to proceed with getting it fixed.

  • I've talked to support before when it wasn't as bad and they couldn't do anything or seem to find an issue

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