Getting the battery out of OW Pint.

  • So does anyone know yet if it's easy to take the battery out of the Pint?
    It would be great for traveling.

  • @Khayman You asking because you want to check the board but carry the battery on?

    With the size, could be easiest to just carry the whole Pint on.

  • I'm guessing that just in case you get to the TSA checkpoint and they say "you need to check this", it would be nice to already have the battery separated. :)

  • @skyman88 yes i didnt know that they accept the board as is on flights, but why does people rip out the battery before flying then?

  • @Khayman

    Draws less attention and better success rate of not having it turned away as a "hoverboard" at the gate. Some folks keep a friend near by the airport incase their OW gets denied.

    By the letter of the law, last time I looked, above 100 but less than 160 Whrs required airline approval but I don't think many people do this.... and I haven't looked in a while.

  • Onewheel V1

    When I fly:

    -battery is in carry on luggage -Discharged (marked), removed, and stowed in fire proof battery transport pouch ( Including all the spec paperwork y photo of the MH capacity of the battery ( When I go through security I pull the battery out and set it in it's own bin. I do leave it in the fire proof pouch, with the paper work.

    -Onewheel-is checked in a camera equipment case ( tire deflated (pushed in a bit for a visual), tape marked "no air" in english, and in the language where I am going. Also, Tape marked "no battery" in English, and in the language where I am going. Spec paperwork included (

    When I can i do keep someone close, but that is not always the case.

    Let's keep this thread going. I too want to know the ease of pulling the battery on the pint. Would be nice to see one.

    I will add this:
    Act like a professional, be prepared like a professional, and get treated like a professional. Less hassle and you get to ride in cool places.

    If you act like they have to let you take it. Insert millennial attitude here. Then the more hassle and you get to walk in cool places.

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