Tire change locations in Los Angeles?

  • Do any fellow Angeleno know of a good place to get your tire replaced (I've got a OW+)? Would much rather go somewhere local than spend a fortune shipping to Santa Cruz.

    Alternatively, happy to pay a local owner who knows what they are doing to change my tire as well!

  • @clevemont just about any tire shop should be able to help you out but with all the videos on how to change your tire, you’re probabaly better off doing it yourself. Keep in mind that if you have any warranty left it will be voided unless FM changes the tire for you. If you’re changing your tire to try a different one you should keep the stock in case you have to send it in.

  • @clevemont , I know this isn't what you're asking for, but I wonder if you could give FM a call and see if a road trip is in order?

    I don't know if they replace tires in Santa Cruz or San Jose, but if it is Santa Cruz and you have warranty left, it might be worth a drive up, get new tire, then go break it in ocean front ;)

  • Step one Join OneWheel Kings Los Angeles aka Float Kings on facebook. Step 2 Launch a post and tag Matt Feige. Step three pay the man and enjoy your Hoosier. One stop shop. Drop the board off pick it up two hours later.

  • @MichaelW Thanks everyone! Did a little more digging and was referred to Matt F. and got in contact with him. Sounds like he's the person to see in LA.

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