Footpad Sensor Warning At High Speeds?

  • Hello everyone,

    I have been riding as much as possible these days and one of the trails I run has a few long bends that require a deep and committed carve.

    I come from a snowboarding background, not surf and my learnings were to use both front and back legs for heel side and toe side carves, not just plant the front flat and use the rear as a rudder. Surf style is fun too and makes sense in some circumstances, but I much rather lay down deep committed carves.

    On toe side, I've noticed both my heels will come off and I have been receiving a notification that's concerning:

    "You have been off one footpad for more than 10 sec. while riding 13.7MPH - Please be careful not to deactivate the footpads while riding!"

    I'm assuming the board will NOT turn off if you still have contact with either toe side or heel side sensors when going above 1-2MPH and that this warning is just to let you know that you are hanging on by a single sensor and should you come off this single sensor your board will shut off since it'll assume you bailed?

    Should I be concerned about this and do I really have to stay on both sensors in the front when riding at speeds? Feels quite restrictive if that's the case.

    FYI, I love this freaking board, not trying to bash it, but trying to understand expected functionality better so that I can ride safely and have many more miles of fun ahead.

    Any help is appreciated!

    ODO: 150 Miles.

  • @SirCarvesAlot I have over 1600 miles on my + and XR combined and I carve all the time. I think I turned off that warning around the 300 mile mark and never looked back. Of course, YMMV. :)

  • @OneDan , thanks for your response and for sharing the experience you've had thus far. I'll likely end up disabling it also. I think the warning is really only useful if you are riding at speeds where the board could think you are trying to dismount. I'm assuming it's 1-2 MPH or so, but can't say for sure unless a Future Motion employee confirms.

    I definitely want to safely and confidently raise both heels slightly during deep toe side carves. Hopefully I can get some more validation that its perfectly fine and I'll begin feeling more confident about it.

    Thanks again!

  • @SirCarvesAlot

    I vote to keep it on. If you ride in colder weather or having a failing footpad (rare) this alert could help. In the winter the pads act funny and it's good to know when I might have an issue dismounting or with ghost riding if I just hop off.

    I think it'd be better to just pay attention to stance, foot placement and weight distribution. I only got that warning in the early days, you adjust and figure it out if you're paying attention. Use more of your rear foot and weight for carving, front foot can stay planted.

  • @skyman88 , thanks for your response and input into this topic. Personally, coming from a snowboarding background, riding camber boards and carving pretty much euro style, the front foot does a lot of work.

    I'm aware that a more surfy approach is to keep front foot as a stand then use the rear as a rudder, inevitably leaning weight backward vs front. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for each riding style even in snowboarding, love that rear rudder when the terrain is a bit harder to navigate.

    I feel like the sensor being up front only is forcing me to change my front leaning riding style into a weight backwards style and to do more of the heel/toe work with the rear. The main reason why I purchased the one wheel is to quench my thirst for snowboarding (40 days on the mountain last season and zero this season).

    I agree that most of the time, I have no issues keeping both feet planted and with a looser board setting, I can move around perfectly fine, but, when taking long turns at higher speeds, I have no choice but to lift the heels some. If I want to keep both feet flat, I would have no choice but to slow down, or if the heels don't lift and speed doesn't reduce then the turn becomes wider and I'm off the trail.

    I will say, one could attribute this to the fact that I'm pushing the boundaries and testing what can and cannot be done, the other factor is that I'm pushing up against a square Vega tire and perhaps a rounded tire won't require as much forced lean to get the angles I'm looking for. I'm going to assume that concave side to side will reduce the need to lift heels on sharp/fast toe side turns too, but only see solid rear pad solutions there and the issue here is the front since the sensors are there.

    Regardless, I still feel this is the best money I have spent in my entire life. Just enjoying geeking out about it and understand that some adjustments and compromises exist although minor and they don't impair my ability to have a stupid grin on my face the entire time riding my Onewheel.

  • @SirCarvesAlot


    1. Jack up the Vega tire pressure a ton to get a more rounded tire, many do, search!
    2. Replace the tire
    3. Ride with the sensor in the back.... this one has mixed responses, some people swear the board rides better up inclines when riding sensor in the back. Nothing says you can't do this but I definitely move my rear foot around too much.

    Check out @slydogstroh 's YouTube channel, watch anyone of his long uncut edits and watch his rear foot in action!

  • @skyman88 , my buddy and I just received our Burris tires. He will be upgrading his this weekend and I'll be doing mine in the next few weeks ;)

    In terms of riding with sensor in back, I've seen a lot of sly material and I definitely move my rear foot around a lot as well. It's a very interesting suggestion though and never even thought of the possibility.

    Thanks for your input and assistance. I appreciate it.

    What kind of pressure's are we talking about to round out the Vega? Regardless, I think I'll just re-evaluate this issue once I have the Burris installed and go from there. I do have a feeling my issue is that I'm fighting against the square Vega profile.

  • When I first started riding I'd get that warning ALL the time. I'd try to ignore it but it was still annoying. Here's what I did to fix it: I ditched my worn out $14.00 Walmart sneakers and stepped (way) up to $30.00 Walmart sneaks. No more msg's. Seriously.

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