Plus/XR stop option in the OW app like the Pint?

  • If it can be turned off, that is a good thing. It will be interesting to see how many eventually find it too restrictive and do turn it off. As for me, I will continue to perfect my stop and dismount. It gets better with each ride, and challenges me to better balance at low speeds or no speeds.

  • @wheelrich , I've watched enough of the launch videos to say confidently, it's a toggle setting. You can enable and disable it on the Pint.

    I didn't even go any further than mount/dismount practice for the first day. Literally got on the board, balanced, got off. Probably 40-50 times. It's burned into my brain now and I don't even think about it, it just happens automagically :)

    Keep on it, you'll get there for sure.

  • @SirCarvesAlot I still have the Vega on my XR and dismount is, as you say, almost a no brainer. However, with the slightly rounded Hoosier on my +, balancing while stopped takes more effort, so the dismount isn't quite as intuitive. Still, the carving is so much better that I can't wait to put a treaded tire on my XR once I get the bluetooth connection issue fixed by FM.

  • @OneDan , that's a great point. I just received my Burris tire and will likely install it in the next couple of weeks.

    I do wonder how much more effort it is to balance the board at slow speeds. This particular tire is more rounded and treaded, but says the center is flat to aid with this problem some folks had with the Hoosier.

    Let's see. Thanks for the heads up man.

  • @SirCarvesAlot I have the Burris also, and have been stalling putting it on until I feel solid in my turns and stopping with the Vega. Your idea of 40-50 practice dismounts sounds good. Up til now I only dismount maybe 3 or 4 times per ride. Maybe I will try just dismount practice for a whole session. I'm not bad, but I can't say I don't think about it when I do it.

  • @wheelrich , practice makes perfect. Might as well cram a hundred practice runs of a proper dismount in one session and make it a flow motion vs something you think about.

  • @SirCarvesAlot

    The Burris is flatter than the Hoosier but more rounded than the Vega. So you get pretty good low speed and stopped stability while still having rounded corners for carving on a dime.

  • @skyman88 Exactly what I was hoping for and why I went with the Burris. nice to hear confirmation. Thanks!

  • @skyman88 @SirCarvesAlot I have the FlightFins Hoosier tire, which is the 6.0 size made for the OW. It does have a good sized portion of "flatness". Though I've never seen the Burris, the reports of the Hoosiers being too "round", I think, came from people fitting the 5.5 and 6.5 tires to the OW. To me, it's just a bit harder to balance with the 6.0, not as difficult as was reported initially with the odd sized Hoosier tires. If the Burris isn't a bit more difficult to balance side to side, then I'd question how much better it is for carving.

    Either way, most people report an improved ride with either choice. One of the biggest improvements for me is the treads. I am way more confident in situations where the Vega would simply slip out from under me, such as wet leaves, mud, and patches of loose sand/dirt on the pavement.

    Now that the weather is warming up there is even more fun riding to be had!

  • Anybody have experience with the treaded tires riding on the beach?

  • @OneDan

    Our local group has all one of every tire in it. And of my good friends switched from the Hoosier to the Burris for the flatter middle section. Still a huge carving improvement over the Vega, just allows you a little easier time when dismounting and balancing when stationary. Kind of a best of both worlds.

    Always good to try things and see what works best for your riding style.... I'm still on a factory Vega but Burris would be my first choice for the replacement.

  • @wheelrich yes, better traction.

  • @skyman88 Once I finally got my XR in for the bluetooth fix, I ordered a Burris and installed it now that it's back from FM. You were "spot on" in that it is a bit flatter in the middle than the Hoosier that I have on my +. The Burris does still carve way better than the Vega, but not quite as good as the Hoosier, and both have the secure treaded grip I like. For $30 cheaper, the slight loss of carve ability, and better balance at stand still makes the Burris a great choice!

    FYI, the actual tire removal/installation part took 2 hours the first time I did it and about 20 minutes this time. All due to paying attention to the slot in the wheel, as shown in some of the videos. Anyone changing their own tire should definitely watch those. I wouldn't say it was easy, but I'm no longer afraid to change my own tires!

  • @OneDan Awesome to hear you like the Burris so much. That notch on the rim is the key for not needing any tools to swap tires.

    I was visiting the Austin crew a few weeks ago and did some trail riding on borrowed boards... both had Cobra tails, Flight Fins and one had Hoosier treaded and the other Hoosier slick. What a difference a tire makes. The slick was like a ball on trails was awesome and so nimble. I don't think I'd love it as my only tire choice as it take more effort to ride but it was a blast to borrow.

    I stand by my former comment that everyone should try some other setups and see if there is something out there they prefer... before buying it and committing.

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