Designed my own raised rear footpad, trimmed the front up for less nosediving

  • I've had my XR for one week. After a couple days riding, developing sore ankle and knees, I made a raised rear concave footpad on my cnc and covered it in 1/2" neoprene (w griptape), super comfy and grippable, heel not coming up as much in deep carves. I'm considering manufacturing them (front pad option too, w slightly different design). I found that trimming the nose up in the custom settings in app to ride high with this foot pad mod makes XR feel less likely to nose dive on hill climbs, XR nosedive dumped me climbing my driveway (into grass, thankfully), and on fast accelerations (I'm on full aggressive setting), still a newb, don't want to faceplant....ever. My design is a bit different than Cobra, or Craft n Ride, still refining it....I normally play and build musical instruments but developing a quick passion for Floatlife on OW....any interest in my design? Would probably manufacture in a poly as opposed to maple, or offer chambered hardwood as a deluxe option....skaters like wood, assuming thats why FM chose the foot pad design they did, but for me....the ergonomics were too fatiguing. One critique could be that I'm riding too high a center of gravity over wheel, making for more wobble....haven't had that sense yet tho. Screenshot_2019-04-13 Eenor Wildeboar on Instagram “Made a wheel guard, and a couple foot pad designs, the one that got mou[...].png

  • the wood footpad design you see on the floor is from RichardGM on Thingverse, I tried it out, was enough to convince me of the concept, but I wanted a different feel once I tried it, hence my designing my own version.

  • Really nice work! I have a cobra; is your custom footpad more concave? I opted for the non padded version, but now I'm curious about adding padding like you did on your custom made footpad.

  • @JFB I used an angled sphere for my concavity, that is ...its higher in the back like a kick tail, but has consistent slope arc, I think the Cobra is uniform slope all around, not higher at the tail, I might be wrong, only looking at pictures. I love the neoprene padding...gonna do same in front with less severe concavity and elevation.

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