Detachable half-fender

  • The full fender is awesome in gravel or water, but it has a few disadvantages too - not as cool looking as the tire, scratches easily, awkward to carry if detached (not to mention difficult to detach) ...

    Anyone thought about making a half fender instead?

    Kind of like mini mud flaps sticking straight up from the board on each side of the wheel. I imagine a few inches would suffice to deflect any water or debris being tossed up by the wheel. They could even be rugged & flexible (think actual mud flaps) - so there would be no worries about cracking or scratching if the OW rolls over.

    If they were magnetically attachable (@rjcustom) even better - as they could slip flat into a bag, and be quickly clicked on for inclement weather.

    Hmm.. actually a cheap full fender cut from a truck mud flap would be pretty ghetto too... especially if it had one of those "classy" decorations. Anyone live near a truck stop, have some big scissors, and a quick one wheeled get away vehicle? :-)

  • @jeff8v7 I've actually thought about making something like a flap.. Something that sits very close to the tire and on the rear underside.. Not exactly sure how it would work until i make something.. Also was thinking of maybe a brush.. But that might make noise.. I will try in the future

  • I hadn't thought of a brush - that would be a cool stealthy solution too. It probably wouldn't take much to deflect water & pebbles...

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