Reason why I sold my XR

  • @Carvinthings29 I read a lot of Facebook groups on the OW, and every single nosedive I’ve read about in the past year, without fail, has been the owners fault. As the discussion goes on they admit to pushing speed, battery or temperature for their given weight. Basically they overload the board and go down. Sometimes they get pushback (not always) or feel a small surge in the board beforehand, but they are always exceeding 15mph and usually sudden accelerating or pushing up a hill or something. Or they hit an obstacle in the road.

    What I have not read is the board shutting off (dark LED) for no reason. I know it has happened in the past. I heard rumors of early board or firmware versions having this issue, but just haven’t heard it happen.

    If I ever start reading credible reports of the boards shutting down for no reason I’ll sell them both (I have a Plus and an XR). Until then, I keep the speed under 15mph, have a blast carving on and off road, and am always looking at the road ahead of me. I didn’t buy this for speed, I bought it for all terrain carving which is where it excels.

    I do think OW needs to better educate owners on wrecks. The 19mph top speed should only be a guide. People have to know that weight, wind and charge capacity affect it. Also the little cartoon of the stick figure guy ignoring pushback isn’t enough. People don’t get pushback on every situation. If they accelerate suddenly when the board is near capacity they go down. If riders are better educated, less people will be wrecking themselves.

    Oh, and this thing is awesome! ❤️

  • How did your knee pop before the fall itself? (I don't think I read it wrong, did I) Jesus!!!!

    I love the onewheel but you are right, these things are extremely unsafe to a point where it is insane hazard that makes me worry about these getting too popular and in the hands of the wrong crowd. They seriously are meant for carving and enjoyment of riding and CASUAL trips.... but I feel like any single-wheeled vehicle, not just onewheels, are extremely irresponsible to market as any kind of long-distance commuting tool or alternative because that is not safe at all (unless taking great care).

    I've been lucky with my wipeouts and I no longer try to push the speed anymore.

    I got my 2nd OW coming (the pint) because I realized the top-speed is not going to be a problem with me. I absolutely LOVE the XR but the room for danger is so ginormous....

  • @Carvinthings29
    Sorry ya got injured, that sucks. But dude, no texting and driving. Stop that!
    “when all the sudden I look up from phone”

    The minute you start day dreaming and stop paying attention you’re toast.

  • Did you bust your phone? I used to Kiteboard a lot and the two most popular questions were: How much does it cost? and Should I use a life jacket and helmet. If you ride a Onewheel or any skateboard you will fall. Risk vs reward. Sorry you got hurt but at least you didn't have a stroke from being a couch potato eh? I've had two aortic aneurysms and open heart surgery with a upper aortic reconstruction. So far I've lived though both. I'm 61 and one of the things I really want to do is ride again. I have a 1st generation Onewheel with a little over 600 miles on it. I love it. I know there are a lot people who have gone further with fancier, but I guarantee no one loves their Onewheel more. It's the coolest toy ever . I rode till 3 in morning before my last surgery and by 10am my heart had been stopped. They told me I couldn't eat the night before but they didn't say I couldn't ride . I thank God for having the chance to experience Onewheels along with all the other cool toys I've had. I am now recovering from my last surgery again. One of the cables busted that was holding my breastbone together after the first six weeks of recovery. Two weeks ago they opened me back up again and now I have titanium plates screwed in my chest. I can't wait to get back on my Onewheel, paraglider, SUP, and kiteboard again someday. I love the Onewheel so much because it's so accessible. If I had to choose one , it would be it. You have respect these activities. No more chasing the wind and waves if I don't want to. Maybe leave your cell phones at home? Offline is not a bad thing. There are lots of ways to monitor your batteries with other devices. Also, I don't think they designed Onewheels for speed. There are definitely toys for that. I agree with the guy who said keep your eyes on road and pay attention to what your doing and have fun. These activities are already really dangerous when we are paying attention. They aren't for everyone. Just my 2 cents...

  • Btw, A heavy sneeze attack broke the cable. Sh$t happens. Recovery starts all over. It's all good. I don't have good balance again yet and I'm not supposed to use my arms for 6 weeks. I'm riding my modified recumbent trike now with a 1000W Bafang electric motor to help me up the hills. It ain't the Onewheel but it's a start! Later on

  • Sorry to hear about your story, but the 'keeping it to 15/17 mph' gave me a shiver. My first day I kept it to a softball field, and like everyone else, tried my luck with speed. A hidden grassy pothole and faceplant toward the end of my ride taught me a lesson quick - thankfully no injury other than bruises.

    Full helmet, pads & wrist guards, and lightweight body/shoulder armor under my hoody is now the standard gear. I don't care what I look like. I'm 54, and want to stay healthy so I can ride. I've only been on grass my first 50 miles, just got a set of mini fangs installed, and about to start training on pavement at the high school track and some mini cones to do slalom exercises.

    Sorry about your injuries, and hope you heal-up soon.

  • @Enterusername
    Dude you are badass. Make sure you let us know when you’re riding again. I hope I can shred as long as you.

  • @Granite

    Maybe have someone read it for you then..and they can hopefully explain it to you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Carvinthings29

    Thanks for your's interesting looking at the feedback..

    You clearly state you were at fault for your wipeout and that's what people are responding to..

    But you are also saying something else that no one is responding to..

    You also feel there is an issue with Onewheel in it's execution that you no longer trust it..and that's the reason you are selling believe there is a flaw in it's system..

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