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    It is a real shame, when you spend this kind of money and love the product but can't find a place to enjoy it... I live on the East Coast in Virginia near Va Beach. There are a lot of awesome trails and parks in this area but they are not allowing one wheels! They are calling it a motor vehicle. Okay, It has an electric motor. Also it doesn't use fuel, have an exhaust, or make hardly any noise. For the life of me I can not understand why this has to be an issue, other than the fact that our current system is complete BS. I understand environmental and safety concerns... That is why we are called adults. We know the value of responsibility. I do not see many kids owning a onewheel antime soon. My suggestion is that we start a movement to get OneWheel special clearance as the off-road board that it is. Yes OneWheel is road worthy but I much rather prefer its use off the road esp. when I fall. I refer back to the previous forum thread that was dealing with this on the other side of the country. We will need to start preparing something otherwise it will only be a matter of time before you start seeing "no OneWheels" signs everywhere. Seriously If I can't ride the onewheel in the park or the road where exactly am I going to ride? I planned on using this for short range touring of festivals and outdoor areas which I will continue doing so long as I am able. The question is how long will that be?

  • Here is the Cali Laws I am still lokking for VA...
    ****§ 85.1703 Definition of motor vehicle.
    (a) For the purpose of determining the applicability of section 216(2), a vehicle which is self-propelled and capable of transporting a person or persons or any material or any permanently or temporarily affixed apparatus shall be deemed a motor vehicle, unless any one or more of the criteria set forth below are met, in which case the vehicle shall be deemed not a motor vehicle:

    (1) The vehicle cannot exceed a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour over level, paved surfaces; or

    (2) The vehicle lacks features customarily associated with safe and practical street or highway use, such features including, but not being limited to, a reverse gear (except in the case of motorcycles), a differential, or safety features required by state and/or federal law; or

    (3) The vehicle exhibits features which render its use on a street or highway unsafe, impractical, or highly unlikely, such features including, but not being limited to, tracked road contact means, an inordinate size, or features ordinarily associated with military combat or tactical vehicles such as armor and/or weaponry.

    (b) Note that, in applying the criterion in paragraph (a)(2) of this section, vehicles that are clearly intended for operation on highways are motor vehicles. Absence of a particular safety feature is relevant only when absence of that feature would prevent operation on highways.****

  • This was all I could find on the VA Laws:


    All-terrain Vehicle
    Defined by Virginia Code § 46.2-100 as a motor vehicle having three or more wheels that is powered by a motor and is manufactured for off-highway use. This definition does not include go-carts or any riding lawn mower.

    Farm Utility Vehicle
    Defined by Virginia State Code § 46.2-100 as a vehicle that is powered by a motor and is designed for off-road use and is used as a farm, agricultural, or horticultural service vehicle, generally having four or more wheels, bench seating for the operator and a passenger, a steering wheel for control, and a cargo bed. This definition does not include utility pickup or panel trucks, golf carts, low-speed vehicles, or riding lawn mowers.

    Described by Virginia State Code § 46.2-100 as having a low center of gravity and typically used for racing on relatively level surfaces.

    Golf Cart
    Described by Virginia State Code § 46.2-100 as a self-propelled vehicle designed to transport persons playing golf and their equipment on a golf course.

    Off-road Motorcycle
    Defined by Virginia Code § 46.2-100 as any motorcycle designed exclusively for off-road use by an individual rider with not more than two wheels in contact with the ground.

    Utility Vehicle
    Defined by Virginia State Code § 46.2-100 as a motor vehicle that is designed for off-road use, powered by a motor, and used for general maintenance, security, agricultural, or horticultural purposes. This definition does not include riding lawn mowers.


    New all-terrain vehicles or off-road motorcycles powered by a gasoline or diesel engine displacing more than 50 cubic centimeters must be titled. You may request to have a used all-terrain vehicle or off-road motorcycle titled for the purpose of recording a lien, documenting proof of ownership or any other reason. All-terrain vehicles and off-road motorcycles are not required to be registered.
    Operation of all-terrain vehicles on any public highway or other private property is prohibited by Virginia State Code § 46.2-915.1, unless authorized by proper authorities, to the extent necessary to cross a public highway by the most direct route, or operated by law-enforcement officers, firefighters, or emergency medical services responding to emergencies.
    Operators of all-terrain vehicles must be at least age 16. However, children between the age of 12 and 16 may operate all-terrain vehicles if powered by engines of no more than 90 cubic centimeters displacement. Children less than age 12 may operate all-terrain vehicles powered by engines of no more than 70 cubic centimeters displacement.
    Any person operating an all-terrain vehicle must wear a protective helmet.

  • Oh Yeah and one more thing, the park ranger told me after I pointed out his people were using ATVs on the trails, "You Guys!?! Sir I am a law enforcement agent...Me and my people will drive whatever we want through the park to get our job done." and this is after he made a comment about how the public park isn't here for the tax paying public to enjoy but to preserve nature. I disagree and agree. I think it is there to preserve and allow people to get close to nature to gain a deeper appreciation for it, so as not to kill it so readily. Anyway, Typical extension of the system that guides us, completely absorbed in their own self importance rather than realizing I agreed but clearly proved that the ONEWHEEL is not a motor vehicle such the like as an ATV, dirt bike, or any other motor vehicle you might want to ride on a trail. Also I gave all the pedestrians a wide berth even stopping completely to allow them to pass before I resumed my roll. I waved and smiled and was courteous to all including the rangers. I can't say I was met with the same, but I don't blame people who are trapped in a system that pumps them full of hate and despise on an hourly basis... That is why we need more of and more use of things like OneWheel.

  • One more time... IT IS A PIECE OF WOOD ON A WHEEL! THAT'S NOT A MOTOR VEHICLE!!! WTF?!? Seriously? OMG you can't have that much fun its against the law! This is a land of pain and suffering didn't they tell you? No sorry, I refuse to believe the lies, I am stubborn like that. Perhaps its what makes me "so money". For real, there is almost no freedom left in this country...


    I mean it.

  • Last one: My advice to you is go to the parks and ride but be courteous and generous and maybe avoid the hours when people are likely to be at the park? Like after work as opposed to after lunch... Idk that depends on your area and schedule and I know its impossible to make the day yours if you work full time. I would recommend keeping a copy of the dox to show the officials and otherwise stand your ground and don't let them push you down. Just keep in mind they are Law enforcement agents! So treat with respect and don't directly challenge their authority they are trained to respond to that and personally I think they wait for it because that is their role in their job to enforce authority. Best to avoid confrontation, if possible. Lastly remember as the early users we have to set the example so it does not get ruined for future riders.

  • I just ride and be nice. I’ve had one ranger stop me and say I’m technically not allowed.. but then he informed me that he was leaving, and told me to be careful. If I see lots of people I head the other way. Most people I do encounter are friendly and interested in the crazy thing I’m riding. As long as we are nice, and give the people who aren’t breaking the rules the right of way, they won’t complain much. And if people aren’t complaining, the rangers will be more likely to worry about something else. I had a cop stop me in a parking lot. It was obvious that I was about to head out into a 45 mph road. He just wanted to know what it was. Offered to let him ride it, he said no. So I called him a pussy and he jumped on! No joke! Just be nice guys... smile, stay out of peoples way. Try not to scare their dogs. We will win.

  • @chizel9000 That is US Code not California Code.

    CA is 415
    DIVISION 1. WORDS AND PHRASES DEFINED [100 - 681] ( Division 1 enacted by Stats. 1959, Ch. 3. )
    (a) A “motor vehicle” is a vehicle that is self-propelled.

    (b) “Motor vehicle” does not include a self-propelled wheelchair, motorized tricycle, or motorized quadricycle, if operated by a person who, by reason of physical disability, is otherwise unable to move about as a pedestrian.

    (c) For purposes of Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 3000) of Division 2, “motor vehicle” includes a recreational vehicle as that term is defined in subdivision (a) of Section 18010 of the Health and Safety Code, but does not include a truck camper.

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