will there be a mag handle for the XR?

  • The Mag handle on the Pint looks slick, I like how it tucks in, and is integrated into the unit.

    Will these ever be available for the XR?

  • @Granite I personally hope FM can make something like the maghandle to retrofit my XR coz I’ve only had it a few days and a built in side handle would be less awkward than the one at the end of the board :)

  • @iBloke @Granite

    Have you seen the SilverHandle or the Bone/Stealth handles available for the XR?

    I have a Silver Handle on all my boards. Never gets caught on anything trial riding and is much easier to use than the factory finger tip handle. https://craftandride.com/products/silverhandle-for-onewheel

    Land & Surf makes the Bone & Stealth handle, it's a printed flexible material. I prefer the looks and function of the Silver but they are options out there.

  • @skyman88 I'll second the suggestion with the SilverHandle. I got one for my XR and I'm very happy with it.

    I don't feel like I need another handle.

  • I have the silver handle on both my boards, and love it. I just can't figure out why they call a black handle, silver????

  • You gotta get the Silverhandle. It is absolutely kickass!

  • @sidjtd I’ve seen both of those handles, I’d prefer to have something cleaner looking which goes inside the rim

  • Reviews are closed on the Mag Handle, so leaving a review here. Mount plus handle Pro cost $115 total. Build quality is sort of worth the price. I have very strong hands and did not accidentally strip the threads, which is reassuring. However, the handle does not fold all the way outward. The magnetic tab just unclicks far enough to be able to automatically retract the handle back in when released. Thus, it only pops out 10 degrees or so (about 1/2" farther out from the tire). This is exactly enough room to clear my thick fingers with maybe 1/8" wiggle room. Not exactly what I'd call carrying it "briefcase style", but comfortable enough. Seems very sturdy. Please be aware the mount bottom only goes on one way to clear the motor cable, the mount top only goes on one way due to the stop and the whole assembly must goes on the side without the valve stem.

  • @E-Wave_I Well darn it. Just laid the board on its side and, on closer inspection, the handle is not within the protective radius of the tire and rail and thus not protected from damage during a hard bail. Don't know how I didn't see this before. The permanently affixed shield sold by OW should do the job, but I use a FlightShield which pops off on impact or for cleaning. Thus the Mag Handle would take the brunt of the impact. Removed and tossed the Mag Mount and Handle (I will never ask for a refund because I do support FM as a company). However, going with the "Silver" handle from Craft & Ride, as I think this more accurately suits both how I expect to carry the board as well as the level of impact on hard surfaces.

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