BMS transistor corroded

  • Hi all,

    I got caught in a light downpour and, though I thought I allowed enough time (24 hrs) for my OneWheel +XR to dry, it wouldn’t charge (blue ring blinks 21x when plugged in) and wouldn’t turn on. I have another XR so I used that unit’s power to verify my controller is fine. Since I’m past the warranty period I decided to take a look at the battery and BMS and found Q4 on the BSM had 2 legs completely corroded and no longer soldered to their pads. Does anyone know how I can get a new BMS? It’s not really worth the cost to ship my OW back to FM and then pay the cost of labor, out of warranty fee, aftermarket accessory removal fee (for float plates that use the same 4 screw holes that the XR bumper uses anyway). If I can’t get a BMS, I’m going to try to determine the transistor used here and then replace it myself.



  • @tim-reinoehl check OW owners/riders on FB. There is a guy who takes new XR's apart and sells the parts

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