Loss of power after updates

  • Is my onewheel XR a
    gimmick to make me pay more? To get the factory out of box ride up to date? Wtf?
    I ride damn near daily an baby it somewhat. It doesnt brake for s*** anymore, also i have lost A LOT of power!
    An battery backs off at 15% i have had to do the walk of shame thrice! An in Arizona, once can make a person want to chuck in in the lake! So frustrated i have 813 miles on it. I have also avoided a lot of nose dives as well.......
    I love it always but really? I need help!! An no i havent gained weight I'm 170 with snow gear on!

  • @303tatrat I sense more frustration in your post than a real desire to investigate what could be going wrong with your board.

    Any troubleshooting done here will be more of a guessing game than anything else. No one here is invested in fixing your board.

    I recommend you contact Future Motion directly to receive proper support for the product you purchased. I'm sure they will do a great job at assisting you.

    If they don't, then come back and rant some more. Good luck!

  • @303tatrat

    I've never experienced a decrease in braking performance...

    Have you drained your battery and done full 48 hour recharge?

  • I have experienced the same thing after the update. 2 other local riders as well..

    Loss of aggressiveness

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