Pint motor

  • I read on wikipedia that the XR has the hypercore motor and the Pint has the hypercore V2. Although people are saying its the same motor.

    Anyone know if the Pint has an updated version of the Hypercore motor?

    Update: Obviously the stator (wheel) and the armature (axle) have been shortened because the tire is now 4.5" wide whereas the XR is 6" wide.

    Other then the motor being shortened is there any improvements that were made?

    I'm concerned that the smaller motor will put out much less torque but on the other hand this must be the reason for the slightly increased range over the OW Plus.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this?

  • @JMAC
    Are you sure the wheel/motor is 4.5"?
    Or just the tire?

  • @fruitygreen Good question but it looks like the hub and tire are the same width. Honestly I can't say for sure. I wrote Onewheel and asked about the motor differences between the xr and pint. Hopefully I get a reply with some answers.

  • @JMAC Visual difference that I observe are the 2 screws on rail appear closer together and no hole .

    I believe it was purposely manufactured that way so diyers dont mix and match stuff.

  • @fruitygreen I agree with your observation. Considering the total width of the board is 8.75 inches, its highly possible that the wheel is the same as the xr except for a skinny tire being used. I just don't see the point of having a 2 inch skinnier tire on a larger hub. I am a mechanic and the automotive side of me says then its not the same size hub because an automotive tire 2 inches thinner would not stay seated on the rim.

    Only time will tell I suppose.

  • @fruitygreen The Pint motor is listed as a 750watt the same as the XR. Maybe its the exact same or maybe its been shrunken down and improved. Either way the XR is out of reach for me rightnow due to the price. I'm looking forward to getting my Pint and shredding. Only wish it wasn't months away.

    Thanks for your input fruitygreen

  • @JMAC I’m curious if pushback on the pint starts around 12 mph since top speed is only 16 mph. Also what riding modes are available? While the Pint seems cool, the lower top speed, the shorter range and the longer charge time is not for me. Love my XR. Hope FM goes the other way and makes an even longer range, more powerful board next time.

  • @HanahsDax I figured out a way to order an XR instead which I'm happy about cause I have the same concerns about the Pint as you mentioned.

    I think FM should make a big brother to the Pint as their next model. Being sleek, modern, range and torque comparable to the XR. Maybe even for less money then the XR. I believe that would be a forsure touch down. Visually the Pint looks great! the technical specs not so much.

  • I wrote Onewheel an email asking about the torque of the Pint. I'm 6'1" tall and weigh 205

    This is the reply:
    Pint definitely has some zip, and it packs a punch larger than it's size. Obviously the XR is going to have more range (12-18 miles) than the Pint (6-8 miles), but as far as get up and go, Pint delivers. I'm similar to your size and was very pleasantly surprised when I got the chance to test out Pint. It's more carvy and responsive than the XR, but won't handle the trail quite as well.

    I was very pleased to get this reply, I've only experienced excellent customer service from Onewheel. I ended up figuring out a way to order an XR but I thought I would share the response email I received in regards to the Pint. The Pint sounds promising, to all those who are going to be receiving your OW Pint soon. Enjoy!!

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